Shim Sang-jung “The Hourly Wage Relief Conversion Loan for Comprehensive Household Debt Measures … should be expanded to 100 trillion won”

Shim Sang-jung “The Hourly Wage Relief Conversion Loan for Comprehensive Household Debt Measures ... should be expanded to 100 trillion won”

On the 27th, Justice Party lawmaker Shim Sang-jeong criticized the Yoon Seok-yeol administration’s ‘secure conversion loan’ as a “measure for contempt,” and urged effective measures against household debt.

Rep. Shim Sang-jung said at the general assembly of the House of Representatives on the morning of the same day, “The government is never in a situation where the government can only say ‘welfare for the weak’ in the face of the crisis it is facing.

“Korea is the only country among the 36 major countries where the size of household debt is larger than the size of the economy,” said Assemblyman Shim. Diagnosed.

In particular, referring to the safe conversion loan policy launched by the government on the 15th, he evaluated it as “extremely disappointing”.

Rep. Shim said, “In a situation where floating rate loans account for more than 78% of the total, the transfer to a low fixed rate is a policy that debtors have been desperately waiting for, but the response has been poor. In the past week, the cumulative number of applications was only 15,500,” he said.

“The reason is simple,” he said. It was because the conditions were difficult and the target was narrow.” He said, “In the past government, you could apply for houses with a house price of 900 million won or less, but this time, the application threshold was raised to allow only houses with a price of 400 million won or less. The average house price in Seoul is around 700-800 million won, but how many houses are under 400 million won?” he asked.

“I cannot help but doubt whether the policy authorities are willing to seriously solve the household debt problem, or whether it is a measure for condescension,” he said.

Rep. Shim called for comprehensive measures for the three major household debt risk groups: jeonse tenants, self-employed people, and young people, saying, “It should not be limited to a piecemeal supplement.”

He said, “Separate transfer measures should be added not only for housing loans, but also for cheonsei loan, self-employment loan, and youth debt. The youth debt should be considered for interest-free conversion at a reasonable level,” he emphasized. It is necessary to prevent the number of young people from falling into bad credit by borrowing small amounts at high interest rates to raise the deposit for Jeonse.

He also advised, “We need to dramatically increase the effectiveness of household debt measures by expanding the size of the safe conversion loan to 100 trillion won and broadening the target to include housing, jeonse, self-employment, and youth.”

In addition, Rep. Shim said, “Please keep in mind that managing the large national debt is not an idle situation to shout only for sound fiscal austerity.”

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