Seok-Yeol Yoon, government performance positive 34.6% negative 62.2%

Seok-Yeol Yoon, government performance positive 34.6% negative 62.2%

According to the results of a poll on the 26th, the approval rating of President Yoon Seok-yeol, who had risen to the mid-30s after showing an upward trend for three weeks, fell to the low 30% around the weekend due to the ‘profanity controversy’ that emerged during his overseas tour.

The degree of support for President Yoon Seok-yeol’s government performance in the weekly count results of the 3rd week of September 2022, which was completed by Realmeter, an opinion polling agency, on 2,533 voters over the age of 18 across the country for five days from September 19 to 23, commissioned by the Media Tribune. was 34.6%, 0.2%p higher than the previous survey.

Negative evaluation decreased by 1.0%p to 62.2%, and ‘don’t know’ increased by 0.8%p to 3.2%. The difference between positive and negative evaluations is 27.6%p, which is outside the margin of error.

However, looking at the daily indicators of the evaluation of President Yoon’s state affairs, after closing at 33.5% (63.6% negative) on the 16th, it rose 2.9%p to 36.4% (60.2%) on the 20th, but 34.8% (1.6%) on the 21st. p↓), then on the 22nd and on the 23rd, it fell to 32.8% (2.1%p↓, negative evaluation 64.2%).

The party’s approval rating was 45.0%, down 1.2%p by the Democratic Party of Korea, 37.5% in People’s Power, down 0.8%, and 3.4%, up 0.2%p by the Justice Party.

In addition, other parties rose 0.8%p to 2.0%, and non-party members rose 1.0%p to 12.1%.

This week’s counting was carried out using wireless (97%) and wired (3%) automatic answering methods and random phone calls through a random sampling frame. The sampling error is ±1.9%p at the 95% confidence level, and the response rate is 3.8%. For a detailed overview of the survey, see the website of the National Election Opinion Survey Deliberation Committee.

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