Presidential Office and ruling party “MBC, intimidation of the president and suppression of the ruling party”

Presidential Office and ruling party “MBC, intimidation of the president and suppression of the ruling party”

The power of the people and the presidential office are pouring a blast on MBC, which first reported the controversial video of President Yoon Seok-yeol during his overseas trip. It is claimed that, regardless of whether profanity was used or not, the report was distorted by including subtitles that were not clear. However, there are also criticisms from some of the party that the presidential office’s poor response has fueled controversy.

In an interview with MBC Radio’s ‘Kim Jong-bae’s Gaze’ on the morning of the 27th, Lee Jae-myung, deputy spokesperson for the presidential office, said, “The most important thing is that he made a statement that seemed to disparage the allies while referring to Biden (not using Lee XX’s profane language). . It is clearly not true.”

He added, “From what we have heard from experts (voice analysis), it is unlikely that[President Yoon’s remarks]were ‘Biden’. pointed out

Regarding the presidential office’s failure to express its position on the use of ‘Lee XX’, he said, “If profane language is the essence of this controversy, there is no reason to hesitate, whether the president expresses regret or more.” The essence of the problem is that it is not a controversy over profanity, but rather a fact that the president made remarks that he did not make.”

In particular, he answered “yes” to the host’s question, ‘Does it mean that the president did not use profanity and that it is not essential in the context?’

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Within the power of the people, there were even claims that MBC was intimidating President Yoon.

In an interview with CBS Radio’s ‘Kim Hyeon-jung’s News Show’ this morning, Kim Haeng, a member of the People’s Power Guard Committee, said, “The press is also politically correct when it is pointed out that the people’s power has taken tough measures such as a protest visit to MBC. It is as strong as power. If it is a misrepresentation, it could be said that MBC suppressed the power of the people or threatened the president.”

Regarding the rumors of a coalition between MBC and the Democratic Party raised by the People’s Power, Kim Haeng, a non-commissioned member, said, “It is a very poor excuse to say that the leader of the Republican Party watched a video on social media and talked about it. We have to take political responsibility. It would be nice if there was a formal investigation into this.” It is interpreted as an argument that an investigation by an investigative agency is necessary as to which MBC reporter broke the embargo and whether the video was delivered to the Democratic Party floor leader Park Hong-geun.

He added, “I don’t know what kind of conviction Park Hong-geun made public announcements or what kind of reporters he is, but I only have a reasonable suspicion that there were so-called recommendations and collusion in relation to them.”

Regarding the controversy, he said, “If there is a profanity part, it must be apologized.” The essence is whether the report was misrepresented or misrepresented, but the part that was cursed is really the tail shaking the body.”

He also said, “I think there is a debate about whether private conversations other than public events are the area of ​​reporters’ coverage.”

On the other hand, some critics say that the presidential office’s poor response has heightened the controversy.

Representative Ha Tae-kyung of People’s Strength said in the morning of MBC radio’s ‘Kim Jong-bae’s Focus’, “The combination of poor reporting and poor response seems to be aggravating the confusion.”

Rep. Ha said, “Politicians must speak on the premise that the microphone is always on, and must respond immediately.” “Even in unavoidable circumstances, the presidential office responds too slowly, I want people to understand. The response is very poor.”

He added, “It’s a matter of apology if I used profanity, but it’s unclear whether the presidential office admits the facts, so it’s the most unfortunate problem that people around me are right and that, and only these controversies are growing now.”

On the other hand, Democratic Party floor leader Park Hong-geun, who was accused of collusion with the media, directly refuted the claim of the people’s power, saying it was “disgusting.”

Park Hong-geun, floor leader of the Democratic Party, said at a floor plan meeting this morning, “Yesterday, on the media and on the screen, floor leader Park Hong-geun collided with MBC and drove the situation in such a way that he knew the president’s so-called gossip reports in advance.” “This absurd When I saw the article that reported the absurd claim without any filtering, it was disgusting when it was expressed in raw terms, and it was humiliating in packaged words.”

“As the diplomatic embarrassment caused by the president’s mistakes is not covered by false explanations, the presidential office and the ruling party are making another distortion of the alliance between the opposition leader Aman and the media without verifying the facts,” said Park. Delegation) All I did was find and confirm the videos floating around on social media in the presence of dozens of people and make comments.”

“I speak to the government and the power of the people,” he said. If you can confidently assert that I approached this issue in a strategic way by colluding with MBC, please tell me. I will hold you accountable,” he warned.

He continued, “I am amazed at how the people of the Republic of Korea can be seen and able to escape the situation like this. Please, I advise you to look at it and judge with the basic common sense of ordinary people. The president urged the public to apologize before it is too late.”

In addition, the Democratic Party is planning to propose a proposal for the dismissal of Minister of Foreign Affairs Park Jin to hold him accountable for the disaster. “I hope that the troika of this diplomatic disaster, including National Security Office Director Kim Seong-han, First Deputy Director Kim Tae-hyo, and Public Relations Chief Public Relations, will attend the National Assembly Steering Committee and clarify the facts,” said Park.

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