PMS introduction support Japan Tourism Agency subsidizes accommodation facilities

PMS introduction support Japan Tourism Agency subsidizes accommodation facilities

The Japan Tourism Agency will implement a project to issue subsidies for the introduction, replacement, and customization of accommodation facility management systems (PMS). Utilizing the supplementary budget for 2021, “Business to strengthen service provision system using digital technology of accommodation facilities (accommodation facility inbound response support project)”. On September 15, a public call for proposals for business plans, which are the prerequisites for subsidies, was started for business groups and organizations within the same tourist area. The deadline is October 14th.

Subsidized projects include (1) new introduction of PMS main unit, (2) replacement of existing PMS main unit leading to more advanced information management, and (3) customization necessary to connect PMS main unit with peripheral/external systems. The subsidy rate is one-third of the expenses, and the maximum amount is 3 million yen per facility.

Business plans can be submitted by a group consisting of five or more private business operators, DMOs, tourism associations, industry groups, etc. that operate accommodation facilities located in the same tourist area. We will not adopt business plans that are judged to have little ripple effect on the region, such as initiatives for individual accommodation facilities, initiatives that remain between hotel chains and group companies.

For application guidelines, etc., please refer to the project secretariat website (

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