P49K salary hike for teachers

P49K salary hike for teachers

MANILA, Philippines- A bill was filed in the House that aims to raise the salary of teachers to Salary Grade 19 from Salary Grade 11.

House Bill No. 4070 by Quezon City Rep. Patrick Michael Vargas aims to raise the salary of teachers because the current salary they receive is no longer sufficient.

Currently, the monthly salary of teachers is P25,439 and Vargas wants to raise it to salary grade 19 or P49,835.

“With the rising costs of living, many teachers still struggle with the financial limitations of their profession while maintaining the delivery of quality education to our students amid the pandemic,” pahayag ni Vargas.

He said, back in the 18th Congress, the increase in teachers’ salaries was being promoted, but it was not progressing in Congress.

“We must recognize the dedication and guarantee the retention of competent teachers by ensuring that the remuneration due to them is commensurate to their work load,” giit nito.

Currently, there are 15 proposals that have been filed in the House this 19th Congress and it is pending in the House Committee on Appropriations.

Apart from the salary increase, Vargas also filed several bills for teachers including the Teaching Supplies Allowance Bill (HB 4072); Distant Public School Teachers Incentive Bill (HB 4073), Health Care for Teachers Bill (HB 4074) and Housing Program for Teachers Bill (HB 4075). Gail Mendoza

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