New book 『Accountant Kyungyul Kim’s ‘No Paku’ Life』 and others

New book 『Accountant Kyungyul Kim's ‘No Paku’ Life』 and others

Kim Kyung-yul (Author) / Trion

Ssangcha, Samba, Fatherland Situation, Hwacheon Daeyu… Memories and records of Kim Kyung-yul, who jumped into the fire of controversy. This is an autobiographical essay and column that explains why accountant Kim Kyung-yul has no choice but to fight with ‘no-paku’.

Written by the author’s upbringing, this book is a gruesome record of how a person who faces hardships and adversity, regardless of ideological and political positions, endures, fights, and overcomes them. In a world where people throw stones at the back of the head of a person who is unable to take a step backwards for self-interest and self-interest, the life and existence of a rare and bizarre author will provide unexpected comfort and hope to those who are confused whether the world is wrong or me. .


67 : Volume 19 No. 3 – Fall 2022 issue

Gyeongsang National University Institute of Social Sciences (Author) / Hanul (Hanul Academy)

Featured | The Ukrainian War: A Marxist Analysis and Alternatives

Russian Imperialism and Ukraine from a Marxist Perspective | Noja Park (Vladimir Tikhnov)

Russia’s Invasion and War in Ukraine: What Views and Attitudes the Anti-imperialist Left Will Have | Jeon Ji-yoon

general papers

Evolution of Capitalism in East Asia and Contribution of Marxism | Jeong Seong-jin

Economic Cycle and Economic Performance of US TNCs since 1980s | Jang Si-bok

Parasites as borders and thresholds | Kim Hyun-kang

book review

Marxist Economics as Economics: Dongmin Ryu, 『Political Economics Lecture Note』 | Park Hyun-woong

english papers

Surplus value transfers and productivity | Alejandro Valle Baeza&B. Gloria Martinez-Gonzalez


“I’m on my way to a better place”

Lim Ji-i (Author) / Red Salt

I had nothing else to do but draw cartoons. Because all he had was plenty of time, a back paper, and a Monami ballpoint pen. I never learned how to draw, but it’s a manga. However, like his best friend whom he met late, the artist was engrossed in drawing cartoons, and he began to draw cartoons about everything that happened to him. Drawing cartoons was so much fun. What’s even more interesting is that the half-baeks who used to draw cartoons as a hobby are now making a living with them.

One day, when I turned 40, I suddenly quit the company. He decided to find out what he really wanted to do rather than get a job right away because he was resting on the floor. In the meantime, I stole her mother’s money, picked up an empty bottle at a local park to sell, and drove screws in a factory, but the writer was quite happy. He became the ‘person with the weekday daytime’ he wanted so much. And he eventually found what he wanted to do.

So, , which contains the process, is the story of a man who started something completely different from what he had been doing before at the age of forty, which is never too early, and of a person who wants to live as the master of his time.


>(new translation) – What is needed to overcome inequality and meritocracy?

Alex Callinicos (Author), Lee Soo-Hyun (Translator) / Bookmark

“Equality” is a book by the world-famous Marxist scholar Alex Callinicos that delves deeply into the problems of inequality and the gap between rich and poor. A veteran translator who has translated several of Callinicos’ books has done a completely new translation. It will be a meaningful book in the Korean society, where the voices of protests against fairness and reverse discrimination, the gap between the rich and the poor, inequality, and various types of discrimination continue.

In the journey of critically examining the claims of egalitarian liberals, from free market liberal advocate Robert Nozick to John Rawls, Ronald Dworkin, GA Cohen, and Amartya Sen, readers will read why society is unequal, why equality is so important, and the standard of equality. You can get a glimpse of what the masters should be, how to achieve equality, and whether capitalism and equality are compatible.


Kim Soon-Nam (Author) / Blue History

In our history, there are few monarchs whose opinions differ as much as Sejo, the 7th king of the Joseon Dynasty. The contrast between his nephew’s ascension to the throne and his ability as a king? Therefore, various studies focused on perhaps different topics, such as the accession process, the exercise of power centered on public trust and discipline, and the policy of prospering and strengthening the country and its achievements, were conducted.

Written by an author who majored in political history in the early Joseon Dynasty, this book is a little different. Based on , he left the pope and completely portrayed the ‘political life’ of King Sejo’s reason. If you follow the brush tip of the author who grasped Sejo, who came to power through the Gyeyu Rebellion, which neutralized the public system by mobilizing private physical force, as a politician who dreamed of a ‘transcendent absolute monarch’, you will see the ‘politics’ of King Sejo anew.


– The crisis of modernist literature and reproduction in colonial Joseon

Christopher P. Hanscom (Author), Oh Seon-min (Translator) / Somyung Publishing

It deals with three modernist writers who diagnosed the situation of colonial Joseon in the 1930s as a crisis of reproduction. Park Tae-won, Kim Yoo-jung, and Lee Tae-joon, as members of the Gu In-hoe, worked to shake up the linguistic arrangement that allowed them to speak only the imperialist reality. For a while, an important issue in the study of Korean modern literature was how the work portrayed the oppressed colonial reality. However, no matter how accurately they are reproduced, the reality to be reproduced is first given as a negative of imperialism.



East Asian Colonial Literature Research Society, Korea Institute of Maritime University of China (Editor) / Somyung Publishing

This is an author’s dictionary containing the literary activities of writers during the colonial period in East Asia, such as Taiwan, Joseon, and Manchukuo. The criterion for selecting the writers included in this dictionary was the relationship with other regions rather than their literary historical status in the literary field of each region. Even if it did not have a significant literary history in the country, it was included when it had a lot of relevance to other parts of East Asia.


– Map of the five hottest topics and their thoughts

Masaki Nakamasa (Author), Seong-Kwan Park (Translator) / Lee B

This book is like a map of thought that contains the discussions of philosophers around the five hottest themes in the philosophy of our time. How to establish the basis of a fair society (the theory of justice), how to recognize and approve others and each other (approval theory), whether there are human laws that are irreducible in the language of science (naturalism), and whether artificial intelligence can be conscious ( Philosophy of mind), and now, toward the end of anthropocentrism, is philosophical thinking beyond relativistic worldviews and values ​​possible (new realism). By connecting and intersecting the thoughts of philosophers with different backgrounds and positions in the five domains, what kind of questions are being asked in each domain, how they are being discussed, and what kind of practice philosophy is.


Seongji Lee (Author) / Health Media Cooperative

From the tribute to Kim Se-jin and Lee Jae-ho, ‘Liberation is Coming, Friend’, to the tribute to Kim Yong-gyun, ‘My Song is To You’, it contains 22 songs of folk song composer and scientist Lee Seong-ji (Lee Chang-hak). What kind of taste, rhythm, and emotion are his songs that have been made and sung continuously for 40 years? The score for 22 songs in the book was also carefully created by the author.


> – Why are we obsessed with looks?

Liv Strokevist (Author), Yoojin Lee (Translator) / Stone Pillow

Living surrounded by a small mirror called the camera lens, how can you not be obsessed with your appearance? A graphic novel by Swedish feminist artist Liv Strönkvist has been published as a stone pillow graphic novel & non-fiction series ‘kaleidoscope’.

With his previous work, Eve Project: A History of Female Genitals for Feminists (Blue Knowledge, 2018), he criticized the culture of taboo female genitals with a humorous attitude. By summoning the women in the text), we trace the history of mankind’s obsession with appearances (especially women’s beauty).

The main characters are Leah and Rachel sisters in the Old Testament, Kylie Jenner, a social media influencer in the 21st century, Snow White’s mother in old stories, Marilyn Monroe, the eternal sexy icon, and the Austro-Hungarian Empress Sisi, who was famous for her beauty. . Simon Weil, Sigmund Baumann, Byung-Chul Han, Eva Illuse, René Girard, Susan Sontag, Naomi Wolf, Chris Rozek, Richard Seymour, Martin Haglund, Stephanie Koontz, Christopher Lash, and others appear as guides on a journey that transcends time and space.


Jean-Claude Murrva (Author), Yu-Jin Lee (Illustration), Yeon-Li Ji (Translator) / Polar Bear

“Jean-Claude Murrva is a born storyteller. His elegant and poetic story takes us very far. This time, in order to forget the wounds of the broken heart, he carries only one banjo and has him follow the adventures of the ballad goat singer Hurbik, who has left the road. It is an elegant, emotional book with the scent of dry bread and freedom.”

– Anna Gabalda (French national author, author of I Loved Her) –

An adventure full of humor and thrills of the lost ballad goat singer Horbik

Hornvik, who had touched the hearts of the goats who came to the ballad of love, could not bear the wounds of a broken heart and left the village as if running away with a banjo. A stork drops a package at him. Inside the package was a letter of earnest request from a field mouse, Pia, who seemed to have not yet weaned. Fiae is a cruel marten, the only wild mouse that survived the ruthless slaughter of Griffith. Horbik suddenly becomes Piae’s guardian, nurturer, and companion. Can Horvik do well in this fateful role? Can you save Piae, the only endangered field mouse in the world, from the marten? Join Horvik and Piae on their breathtaking escape journey. A tense yet laughter-filled adventure story that takes place when the desperate situation the two face and a soul like Don Quixote from Horvik meet! As we follow a journey that is completely unpredictable even on the back page, we too become wonderful ballad singers singing love.

A fable full of laughter, adventure and action by Jean-Claude Murrva!

Ballad Goat Singer Horbik’s Wandering Road is a series of unexpected events. Like fate, he becomes the father of Pi-ae, the only remaining hibernating wild mouse in the world, and he has a suffocating chase with the cruel and persistent marten, Griffith. The unusual contest in which Horbik participates is also a highlight of this book. It’s a chaotic running competition with no rules, and even a swearing contest where you have to swear the most creatively to win. What about Dr. Lam, the panacea who suffers from severe forgetfulness? A story that cannot be predicted at all until the very end. 『Holbik’s Love Song』 is the story of a reckless and bizarre, but full of laughter and moving adventures unfolded by Horbik, Fiae, and Dr. Lam.

What if one day you suddenly become the guardian of the only animal left in this world?
What would you do? Are you willing to take on that heavy responsibility and duty?

Our main character, Horvik, does so unexpectedly. He was a singer who only sang love songs since he was born, but he was mercilessly rejected by love. For Horvik, who only thought of love between lovers, Fiae was not the object of love. But, it was an opportunity for love in a different form. Love in the form of nurture that requires care, responsibility, and patience. If the cowardly and timid horned Vik had thought of it as ‘love’ from the beginning, he wouldn’t have done anything. However, our hornbeak simply and lightly decides to take charge of Piae as he pleases. That’s how the fugitive situation started. However, through that long journey, he is reborn as a true lover who has experienced the whole process of love without realizing it.

An explosive emotion when a serious and heavy subject meets humor and music!

Dr. Lam, who goes to sleep with severe forgetfulness, is the king of ideas, the singer who only sings love turns out to be a natural scoundrel, the acclaimed running races are real chaos, and some breed others just for taste. It leads to extinction, breeds it, and chases it to the end to eat it again. 『Holbik’s Love Song』 is a work that makes you think about something while laughing and enjoying the extraordinary contests and situations. Because you can feel the poignant satire and message hidden beneath the humor and thrilling story by the author.

All songs sung by Horbick are hits by legendary American folk singer Woody Guthrie. Woody Guthrie is famous for many hits that soothed and touched hearts during the Great Depression in the United States. He was also a singer who had a major influence on Nobel Prize winner Bob Dylan.

Woody Guthrie’s songs that Hurvik sings in every situation are too meaningful to ignore. 『Holvik’s Love Song』 is a work that gives you greater charm and emotion the more you ponder, search, and think deeply.

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