Mobilized beat contract soldiers in a military unit in the suburbs

Mobilized beat contract soldiers in a military unit in the suburbs

Mobilized soldiers in Alabino, near Moscow, beat up old-time contract soldiers when they wanted to take some of their equipment and mobile phones from them. How writes Baza, the conflict in the military unit began immediately after the arrival of conscripts.

The mobilized responded to the extortion by force, and a fight broke out. About 20 contractors were beaten. They locked themselves in one of the rooms and called the police. The military police arrived at the unit, and then the employees of the Ministry of Internal Affairs. The publication claims that the military managed to agree, and none of them wrote a statement to the police.

The lack of necessary equipment was one of the many problems faced by conscripts as part of the announced “partial” mobilization. According to recruits from Moscow, they are given the uniform of the previous generation. Her condition is called normal – “everything is not worn, from warehouses.” However, even this level of material support is not observed everywhere: data BBC, in a number of units, recruits are directly told to take care of the equipment themselves.

Authorities assured that they would provide recruits with everything necessary, but they recommended using their own equipment. The mobilized were advised to get warm jackets, winter camouflage coats, berets, tourist rugs and other equipment. In a week, all this was almost completely sold out in military, tourist and sports stores. The surge in demand resulted in an increase in equipment prices. Bulletproof vests went up most noticeably: in some cases, the price increase for them reached more than 1000%.

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