Let’s schedule a visit. Dozens of “Let’s date” texts

Let's schedule a visit. Dozens of "Let's date" texts

“At the most, we visit 200 customers’ homes a month, and according to reports, there are customers who open the door in underwear or come to the manager’s back to touch them, and there are customers who make sexual jokes while checking” (LG Care Solution) Kim Jung-won)

“Two male stationmasters from KORAIL have filed a complaint with the Audit Office for ‘searching for women’s underwear’ and even ‘going to porn sites to watch videos’ with their work PCs in their respective station offices. The result was a ‘reprimand’ disposition. Currently, the station leaders are still working with female station staff at the same station. The PC used by the station managers is not only shared, but it is located right behind the female station staff.” (Korail Networks female station attendant A)

After the ‘Sindang Station Stalking and Murder Case’, female workers such as home appliance inspectors and station attendants are increasingly concerned about gender violence in the workplace, regardless of their occupations. The women workers urged, “Face gender violence in the workplace that women working in each profession face and come up with comprehensive measures to deal with it.”

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The Women’s Committee of the Confederation of Trade Unions (KCTU) held a press conference at the Education Center of the Confederation of Trade Unions in Jung-gu, Seoul on the morning of the 26th and said, “The stalking and murder case at Sindang Station stems from a patriarchal misogynistic culture where stalking and illegal filming of women are prevalent.” He emphasized, “It is a gender-based violence that occurs between co-workers beyond stalking between parties, and it is an industrial accident due to gender-based violence in the workplace because it is a death that occurred during the course of work.”

In particular, he criticized, “The fact that the president of Seoul Transportation Corporation made anachronistic remarks that he would remove women from night shifts for safety reasons and that he would exclude women from jobs shows that our society has no measures for women’s safety.”

At the conference, women in each occupation filed accusations against various types of gender-based violence in the workplace.

Kim Jung-won, president of LG Care Solutions Branch of the Metal Workers’ Union, who visits customers’ homes in person and manages small appliances, said, “Sexual harassment of customers does not only occur when visiting customers in person. When they call or text to schedule a visit, some customers send dozens of texts saying, ‘Let’s meet in person for a drink’ or ‘Let’s go out’. ” he said.

Chairman Kim revealed a message sent by a customer to an employee of LG Care Solutions. When an employee sends a message to reschedule a visit, the customer in question says, “I love you. I hope to see you,” he replied.

He said, “(If you are sexually harassed at the inspection site), the manual says to stop work and report it, but the reality is not so easy. After the inspection, I was worried that there would be ‘very dissatisfaction’ in the customer satisfaction evaluation, and even if the manager was changed, in the end, another manager or team leader, the same woman, would have to visit.”

He continued, “The union requested the company for the information of customers registered in the sex crime notification e, but the company said it was impossible because it was a leak of customer information. The reason for the customer’s refusal to inspect is to be disclosed to the office. Also, even if they express their intention to refuse the inspection, they are not 100% accepted.”

A female station attendant working at KORAIL Networks, a station service subsidiary of KORAIL, said she felt anger and fear when she heard the ‘Stalking Murder Case at Sindang Station’. She is Mr. A. In addition, she usually works in pairs of 2 people, but she is placed in a structure that requires other employees to work alone if they use annual leave or sick leave.

Person A said, “In 2021, a female station attendant working alone was grabbed by a customer, and someone was slapped in the face and was fortunately rescued by people who came to work outside. He said, “I think I was able to plan and commit what happened because the killer was well aware that due to this structure, he inspects himself while on a tour.”

The company’s response to sexual violence in the workplace is also seriously complacency. According to Mr. A, a team leader who made sexual harassment remarks against female employees and passengers in 2018 was not properly dealt with even when the employees raised a problem, and the station manager who watched pornographic videos in the office with female employees was ‘reprimanded’ ‘ It ended up being a disposition.

Women workers in each occupation emphasized that the government and companies should be aware of sexual and gender violence in the workplace, different from before.

Park Hee-eun, chairman of the Women’s Union of the KCTU, said, “The reason that the terrible violence against women does not go away is because of patriarchal perception and social culture. As long as the misogynistic culture of objectification and privatization continues, gender violence in the workplace will not disappear.”

Chairman Park said, “The government, Seoul Metropolitan Government, and Seoul Transportation Corporation should not view or approach the ‘Sindang Station Stalking Murder Case’ as a personal problem. should be checked We need to properly restore the suspended women’s violence reporting hotline and expand support for victims,” he urged.

“The Seoul Transportation Corporation and the Ministry of Employment and Labor should recognize this case as an industrial accident death case and publicly publicize that sexual violence is a serious injury that harms the safety of society and the safety of the workplace,” he said.

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