Inbound Guide Association releases “Guide Navi”, a media specializing in guides

Inbound Guide Association releases "Guide Navi", a media specializing in guides

On September 20, otomo (Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo) and the Inbound Guide Association released the information media “Guide Navi” specializing in guides. As a “guide of guides”, we provide useful information to all guides and support guides active in each region.

Guide Navi was developed with the aim of encouraging further activities by guides and leading to better services for travelers. Support guides who have a weak base for activities, such as working individually.

Guide Navi divides information into six themes: (1) news, (2) events, (3) knowledge, (4) techniques, (5) episodes, and (6) area plans. In addition to industry news and event information such as training and seminars, we introduce knowledge useful for guidance such as history, social culture, food, one-point advice useful for improving skills, experiences and experiences of various guides, activity information, etc.

At the same time, the service started offering a paid service “Guide Navi Premium” as a smartphone application specializing in guides. By using digital tools, such as providing various functions useful for guide work and insurance for guides in case of trouble, we support the efficiency of guide work and the reduction of burden.

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