INAKA TOURISM opens the city’s first luxury hotel “Anabukitei” in Takamatsu City, Kagawa Prefecture

INAKA TOURISM opens the city's first luxury hotel "Anabukitei" in Takamatsu City, Kagawa Prefecture

Offering free time based on the concept of “Inn where time rests in Setouchi”

INAKA TOURISM (Takamatsu City, Kagawa Prefecture, Representative Eitaro Anabuki) opened the city’s first luxury hotel in Takamatsu City, Kagawa Prefecture on September 29th. Renovated “Anabuki House”, a mansion that remains in the city near Takamatsu Port. The 888-square-meter site has a Japanese garden, an open-air bath, and a Finnish sauna.Based on the concept of “an inn where time rests in Setouchi”, we offer time that is not bound by anything.

The Setouchi International Art Festival is a contemporary art festival held on islands blessed with a mild climate and beautiful nature, such as Naoshima, Teshima, and Shodoshima. Takamatsu Port in Takamatsu City, Kagawa Prefecture is the mother port where ships (ferries) to these islands arrive and depart. Although there are many city hotels and business hotels in the lodging facilities in the Takamatsu area, which is the base for island hopping, there are no high-end hotels or ryokan inns, and there are not many accommodation options for visitors who come to enjoy contemporary art.

  • Whole building rental, mansion hotel “Anabuki-tei”

The 888 square meter mansion is equipped with a Japanese garden designed by a skilled gardener, a building with a castle tower, an open-air bath, a Finnish sauna, etc., and can be reserved for one group (2 to 9 people) per day. The owner, who used to live in the house himself, welcomes the guests and supports them to stay as if they were in their own home, from check-in (from 15:00) to check-out (until 12:00).

“Anabuki House is renovating the mansion inherited from my late grandfather. His grandfather was a carpenter who started a construction company after the war. This time, I will use the mansion for the richness of my heart. Even if the form is different, I intend to have the same aspiration as my grandfather. (current owner/Eitaro Anabuki)

  • Concept: “An inn where time rests in the Seto Inland Sea”

In a spacious mansion where you can feel the nature of Setouchi, you can be freed from the busy flow of time and spend a leisurely and valuable time like in Northern Europe. This is a proposal from Anabuki House. From consumption to continuation, travel, holidays, and time. Why don’t you spend a break to keep your mind and body healthy with your close friends at an inn where you can take a break from time?

  • The concept that I want to convey is “Jikyu”

“Jikyu” is a holiday that creates time that is not tied to anything. A holiday where you can spend a relaxing time and keep your mind and body healthy. For Japanese people who have a lot of stress and low happiness, it is a concept that will be needed in the future.

“The Japanese travel style is a stamp rally, and it’s really hectic. When traveling in Japan, it is necessary to have a range of ways to spend your time. I wanted to propose how to spend a trip necessary for modern people. (current owner/Eitaro Anabuki)

  • Three contents to feel Setouchi hygge

△ Content (1): Relax with Scandinavian furniture (produce a slow time, enjoy time with family and friends)

*Furniture brands used: CARL HANSEN & SON, FRITZ HANSEN

△ Content (2): Mindfulness “getting organized” content
・ Outdoor spa and authentic sauna
・Breakfast and dinner where you can experience gastronomy

*Both dinner and breakfast will be prepared in front of you by a local chef.

△ Content (3): Gentle extraordinary life in the Seto Inland Sea (beautiful islands in the quiet calm sea)

*We offer a hygge way to spend time in Takamatsu, such as chartered yacht cruises and seaside cycling.


  • Overview of Takamatsu City

Takamatsu City, Kagawa Prefecture prospered as a castle town of Takamatsu Castle, one of Japan’s three major water castles (a castle built on the coast as a key point on the sea). There is also a deep connection with art and architecture, and in the city, Kenzo Tange’s Kagawa Prefectural Office, which was registered as a national important cultural property, Isamu Noguchi’s garden museum, which had an atelier in Kagawa, and SANAA in 2025. The new prefectural gymnasium designed by Kazuyo Sejima is scheduled to be completed.

  • About Anabuki Residence Online Preview

An online preview will be held at a later date. Details will be announced on the official website and press release.

Whole house rental (plan with dinner and breakfast) from 70,000 yen per person (1 night with 2 meals, for 4 people). The entire building can be rented, including a Japanese garden, an outdoor spa, and a Finnish sauna. For both dinner and breakfast, local chefs show their skills in front of you.
Address: 1-7-15 Jotocho, Takamatsu City, Kagawa Prefecture

An inn where people rest.
Not pressed for time, not bound by purpose
It will be a rich journey.

The Setouchi climate is always mild.
The sea is just around the corner.
You can do anything You don’t have to do anything.

that day.
You become the owner of a mansion.

Mansion Hotel “Anabuki House”
Address: 1-7-15 Jotocho, Takamatsu City, Kagawa / TEL: 050-8880-9970
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