Got new fare matrix 6% only – LTFRB exec

Got new fare matrix 6% only – LTFRB exec

MANILA, Philippines- Only six percent of the target public utility vehicles (PUVs) got a copy of the updated fare matrix, according to the Land Transportation Franchising and Regulatory Board (LTFRB) this Monday, on the first day of the implementation of the fare hike.

“This fare matrix for the effectiveness of the new fare adjustment, we are only able to give about six percent of our target of 250,000 PUVs,” said LTFRB Board Member Mercy Jane Paras-Leynes.

Leynes further said that a P5,000 fine will be imposed for PUVs who do not post a copy of the new fare matrix based on Joint Administrative Order No. 2014-001.

Due to the low percentage of PUVs that did not get the updated fare matrix on the first day of the fare increase, he said the LTFRB has prepared its amh monitoring teams to keep an eye on PUVs. It is said that the LTFRB has also contacted the operators to ensure the compliance of their PUVs.

Leynes, on the other hand, notified commuters to report PUVs without the new fare matrix on the LTFRB’s Facebook page and hotline 1342.

Based on Leynes, the LTFRB charges P50 for a copy of the updated fare matrix.

Starting this Monday, fares for public transportation will increase after the LTFRB approved fare adjustments amid the increase in oil prices. RNT/SA

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