Florida a 'warzone' after Ian, search expert says

Florida a 'warzone' after Ian, search expert says

(NewsNation) — US veteran and head of the search and rescue team Project Dynamo Bryan Stern called southwest Florida a “war zone” after Hurricane Ian tore through the region last week.

“It’s so awful in here,” Stern told him NewsNation Live Monday. “The damage is huge. It looks like a war zone and I say that with great war zone experience.”

Project Dynamo has worked on projects in Afghanistan, Ukraine, and now Florida, where Stern is from.

“I actually saved someone yesterday who saw me on your show from a Ukrainian piece you made and he said you are the guy on TV from Ukraine and I said yes ma’am, I’m here for you,” Stern said.

Watch the video above to see the full interview on NewsNation Live with Marni Hughes.

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