Expedia Group Launches Open World Accelerator to Drive Innovation in Travel Industry

Expedia Group Launches Open World Accelerator to Drive Innovation in Travel Industry

Expedia Group announced on September 29 that it will launch an open world accelerator aimed at driving innovation in the travel industry.

Expedia Groupthis time,Open world visionLeading the strengthening of partners of all sizes with the innovation and supply they need to succeed in the travel market, based onopen worldOpen World ™Acceleratorto launch. This new strategy aims to drive innovation in the travel industry, helping start-ups and small and medium-sized businesses (SMBs) to grow and innovate faster on Expedia’s purpose-built technology platform.

The first program for entrepreneurs around the world, launched on September 28th,Open World Social Impact and Sustainability Strategy, and focus on opening up the travel economy to all in the travel industry, supporting start-ups and small businesses working to improve access for underserved travelers. We also plan to launch another initiative in 2023 focused on co-developing new features with the introduction of the Open World Accelerator.

How the program works

The first-ever Open World Accelerator Program will be open to start-ups and small businesses working to make the travel industry work more open, easy and accessible for everyone. Selected companies in each program will have a six-month curriculum and will be provided with a wide range of resources to accelerate their growth. This includes business and technical development support, mentorship and coaching from Expedia Group and the broader travel industry experts, participation in industry networking events, access to Expedia Group platforms and products, This includes non-equity subsidies.

Application methodabout

The application period for the Open World Accelerator Program will be from September 28th to October 21st this year, and start-up companies and SMEs that meet the following conditions willonlineYou can apply at


– Working to make the travel industry more open and accessible.

– Must currently have a Minimum Viable Product (MVP).

– Must be less than 10 years old.

A panel of judges from across the Expedia Group will review the applications and selected companies will be invited to participate in the program starting in January 2023.


“The travel industry has become an economic engine for many communities around the world. is not easy, which is why our vision of an open world is so important to our desire to put the traveler first.Expedia Group’s mission is to make The Open World Accelerator drives industry innovation, removes barriers to travel, and enables startups and small businesses to build capabilities on Expedia’s open world technology platform. and is specifically designed to significantly improve the experience of all travelers,” said Archana Arunkumar, senior vice president of platforms, Expedia Group.

For details on how to apply and conditions for the Open World Accelerator Program, please visithereYou can see more.

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