Expect more economic activities in the Metro Manila Subway Project – Marcos

Expect more economic activities in the Metro Manila Subway Project – Marcos

MANILA, Philippines- President Ferdinand Marcos Jr. said. to expect more economic activities in the Metro Manila Subway Project.

It was led by President Marcos Jr. the ground breaking ceremony for the construction of the Ortigas and Shaw Boulevard stations of the Metro Manila Subway Project (MMSP- Contract Package 104) in Pasig City.

The President hopes that the Filipino people will enjoy the benefits of the said project.

“With accessible designated stations that can cater to a massive volume of passengers, we anticipate helping our people skip the long lines of traffic and even spare themselves from the perils of commuting,” ayon kay Pangulong Marcos sa kanyang  keynote message.

“With improving linkages of key areas in business districts in the metro as well as the availability of stalls and other stores in the stations and nearby markets, we can see more business opportunities for entrepreneurs and investors and additional economic activity,” dagdag na wika ng Pangulo.

The Chief Executive encouraged the public to remain positive and instead accept the inconveniences brought by the construction of the subway system as a “small prize to pay” for its beneficial results.

“Although it is a given that the construction of these structures will take time and cause disruption, let us be optimistic and just count the small inconveniences as a small prize to pay for the fruitful results that this program, this project will yield,” ayon kay Pangulong Marcos.

“Let the breaking ground of this subway system signal our intention to the world to pursue even grander dreams and more ambitious endeavors that will bring comfort and progress to our people all over the country,” aniya pa rin.

Meanwhile, Transportation Secretary Jaime Bautista laid out the “highlights” of the entire MMSP, the country’s first underground railway system that will run from Valenzuela to Bicutan, or more than 33 kilometers, with 17 stations.

According to Bautista, the MMSP will serve as the “crown jewel” of the country’s mass transit infrastructure system when it is completed.

“We are running at full speed on this project. We owe it to the commuting public,” ani Bautista.

The subway, when operational, will be able to accommodate more than 519,000 passengers per day.

This will reduce the travel time from Valenzuela to Bicutan by 45 minutes.

The groundbreaking ceremony will signal the closure of the portion of Meralco Avenue in Pasig City – from Capitol Commons to Shaw Boulevard – where traffic will be ‘rerouted’ starting October 3, 2022 to 2028 to make way for the said construction.

The total contract package is 3.4 kkilometers long with two stations connected to a 920.5-meter tunnel and extended to 1.86-kilometer tunnels that connect Shaw Blvd to Kalayaan Avenue Station in Taguig City.

The MMSP is supported by loans to the Philippines from the Japan International Cooperation Agency (JICA).

“The tunnel will be formed using two huge tunnel boring machines (TBM) from Japan, using a technique called New Austrian Tunneling Method (NATM),” ayon sa ulat.

“Each TBM to be used in the project can excavate 300 to 500 cubic meters of soil daily and creates a tunnel 9 to 12 meters long daily, using rotating cutting wheels that can easily break up hard soil and rocks. While the massive TBMs can significantly hasten the process of tunneling, above ground disruption will be kept to the minimum,” ayon pa rin sa ulat. Chris Joseph

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