Daewoo Shipbuilding & Marine Engineering sells to Hanwha Metals Union “Verification rather than speed”

Daewoo Shipbuilding & Marine Engineering sells to Hanwha Metals Union “Verification rather than speed”

While the Korea Development Bank announced that it would sell Daewoo Shipbuilding & Marine Engineering to Hanwha Group for 2 trillion won, on the 27th, Daewoo Shipbuilding workers emphasized that “speed warfare is not important, verification is priority.” In particular, he demanded that the total employment guarantee after the sale and the suit for damages of 47 billion won against subcontractors be dropped.

The union held an emergency press conference on the sale of Daewoo Shipbuilding in the morning of the same day at the meeting room of the Metal Workers’ Union in Jung-gu, Seoul and said, “The Yun Seok-yeol administration and the Korea Development Bank say that they offer opportunities to other takeover competitors, but they have already completed the under-the-hood negotiations with Hanwha. It’s a situation where you can take a picture,’” he pointed out.

photo = union

The union was concerned about the sudden sale. “I cannot understand why the government is in such a hurry to sell Daewoo Shipbuilding first when it has never properly shown what the future of the shipbuilding industry is and what plans it has,” he said.

They said, “Daewoo Shipbuilding is by no means one of many companies. It is one of the pillars supporting the position of the Korean shipbuilding industry in the global shipbuilding market and is a company responsible for the economy of a region. It is a company that should not be sold as

The union also said, “If there is a proper government, it is the first thing to explain why Hanwha should take over Daewoo Shipbuilding and seek understanding. It has to be revealed from now on.”

They said, “We should wash away our concerns about whether a company that has never experienced the shipbuilding industry can operate a shipyard well, and also look at the concerns of those who doubt whether Hanwha has other ideas.” It is a hasty sale and a preferential sale because it is cut and eaten and has a speed battle.”

They also demanded countermeasures after selling Daewoo Shipbuilding to Hanwha. The union is of the opinion that Hanwha should declare total employment guarantee and renunciation of garnishment of subcontracted workers.

The union said, “According to the reason for the existence of the Korea Development Bank, the KDB should do its best to prevent deviance from the Hanwha chaebol and normalize management even after the sale. We have to make a promise to develop,” he said.

In particular, the union said that the 46 billion won compensation lawsuit filed by Daewoo Shipbuilding for a strike by subcontractors of DSME demanding the normalization of wages should be withdrawn. They urged, “Above all, declare that we will give up all damages to subcontracted workers together with the takeover in order to prove Hanwha’s ‘authenticity’.”

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