Anne, Mariel is ready to be adopted!

Anne, Mariel is ready to be adopted!

Manila, Philippines – In her vlog, Mariel Rodriguez pranked her close friends in showbiz.

One of the victims of his phone harassment was his friend Anne Curtis.

Anne, on the other hand, got wind of her drama because she allegedly had a fight with her husband, Robin Padilla.

In fact, he said that he had given up on his husband, so he decided to leave their home.

He also begged the “It’s Showtime” host that if possible, he could stay at their house first.

He even teased her, saying she could be the nanny of his darling daughter Dahlia.

Anne was confused and stammered when she heard what Mariel was supposedly going through.

According to Anne, there is no problem if the actress turned vlogger stays with her first because she is ready to adopt her.’

Anne was shocked when Mariel probably just tripped her up in her vlog.

Another pranked by Mariel was her manager, Boy Abunda.

Also in the vlog, Mariel confronted Bianca Gonzales because someone told her that she and her husband Robin were being slandered according to the people she talked to.

Bianca defended herself, saying she would never do that to a friend.

In the end, the PBB host breathed a sigh of relief when he found out that Mariel’s call was just a prank. Archie Liao

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