Win in the second trial, break rocks with eggs!

Win in the second trial, break rocks with eggs!

It has already been over a week, but the excitement and joy of that day still lingers. It is about the fact that our residents and Wanju-gun won the second trial in the administrative litigation over the reopening of the Bibong Pig Farm.

As the courts of the 1st and 2nd trial one after another rejected the company’s ‘claim for cancellation of disposition for disallowance of livestock breeding,’ the position of local residents who opposed the restart of the farm and Wanju-gun, which issued the disposition of disapproval, became more advantageous. It is clear that the company will appeal to the Supreme Court and the trial process will have to be watched, but the judgment around the legal community is that the likelihood of the outcome being reversed is not very high.

Following the first trial, the court of the second instance found that all three reasons for disposition presented by Wanju-gun were justified. The second trial court, in particular, emphasized the spirit of the times, which emphasizes ‘ecological value’ several times, and showed an advanced view on the environmental rights of residents. The court of first instance held that “it is inappropriate to use ‘extremely objectionable complaints from local residents’ as a reason for disapproval. did it The villagers and Wanju-gun had a complete victory.

‘Bibong Pig Farm 2nd Depth Victory!’ ‘Winning and winning again!’ ‘The villagers and Wanju-gun won!’ ‘Wanju-gun officials! You’ve worked hard’ Every time you see the banners hanging in Gosan and Bibong-myeon, you get a new feeling.

The opponent is an affiliate of one of the leading agricultural and livestock conglomerates in Korea, and a large law firm, which is also one of the first, to represent the lawsuit, everyone said ‘throwing rocks with eggs’. It would be even more meaningful to say that it was a victory achieved under such adverse conditions.

That doesn’t mean the problem has been completely solved though. Above all, the view of the resident response organization EZbansa (people in Wanju who oppose the reopening of the EZBio pig farm) is still valid, saying, “It is the way for Wanju-gun to purchase the farm and use it in an eco-friendly way rather than the hostile and wasteful method of a legal battle.” do. Therefore, it is very fortunate that an agreement was signed recently between Wanju-gun and local residents, and Wanju-gun and a company to actively promote the sale of farm land. Of course, there are many variables to overcome, but if we do not slow down and respond wisely until the end, we will eventually reach the final solution.

Anyway, happy is happy. After sharing the joy with the local residents and those who worked hard to solve problems, I looked around the field with a happy expression and realized that autumn had already arrived. Compared to last year’s summer and last year’s autumn, the bitter taste of poor crops in Itae, which was swept away by the rainy season, this year’s rice fields are pretty good.

Aren’t the ears of rice that had just turned yellow with their heads bowed down? It’s time to get ready for the fall harvest. He hurriedly gathered people and swept down the thickets of bushes that were to be hauled out by truck. In addition, the work of digging the ditch around Saemgol, where rainwater flows endlessly from the surrounding hills, cannot be left out. If the rice paddy floor is not level and the water is stagnant, it is necessary to pull out the rice paddy one after another and ‘tool chisel’ to make a waterway. This will prevent the combine (harvesting machine) from drowning in the mud as much as possible.

look like a ditch

Come to think of it, the ‘Golden Fields of Plenty of Harvest’, which takes place around the time when the abyss is ripe and golden waves are rippling in the rice fields, is not far away. A meeting of the executive department of rice farming was held in haste. This year, however, it was concluded that the feast was skipped.

It is a very disappointing thing considering that it has been canceled in the past two years after passing through the Covid-19 phase. However, there are too many local events that take place at the same time. In addition, as the Covid-19 quarantine system was relaxed this year, we could not ignore the fact that there was not much room for a feast as the rice dure itself successfully held many events.

It’s unfortunate, but it’s unavoidable. In fact, even if it’s not a ‘Golden Fields of Bountiful Years’ feast, various feasts continue one after another as autumn passes. Actually, it’s not that hard to do it.

Perhaps we have already had a feast more bountiful than the feast of bountiful harvest. I have been waiting for the result with my heart pounding, and the ‘sentencing feast’ of the pig farm lawsuit ‘breaking rocks with eggs’. Although we had a feast in our hearts this time, when the news of ‘victory of the Supreme Court’ or ‘conclusion of a contract for the sale of farm land’ is delivered, we will have a really crowded neighborhood feast.

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