West Kyushu Shinkansen opens

West Kyushu Shinkansen opens

The West Kyushu Shinkansen between Takeo Onsen (Saga Prefecture) and Nagasaki (approximately 66 km) opened on September 23rd. By connecting with the conventional line limited express, the Hakata-Nagasaki section takes about 1 hour and 20 minutes, about 30 minutes shorter than before. There are hopes that tourism and hot spring resorts along the line will be revitalized, but the route and operation method for the remaining development section (between Shin-Tosu and Takeo Onsen) has not yet been decided. Even so, the area around stations and sightseeing spots along the line was filled with a festive mood and was crowded with many people.

Shinkansen platform at Nagasaki Station crowded with users and visitors (September 24)

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