“Revision to the 4-year presidential term of office,” Lee Jae-myung’s first speech at the National Assembly

“Revision to the 4-year presidential term of office,” Lee Jae-myung’s first speech at the National Assembly

On the 28th, Lee Jae-myung, chairman of the Democratic Party of Korea, proposed a constitutional amendment centered on reforming the presidential system. He also presented a ‘basic society’ based on ‘basic income’ that CEO Jae-myung Lee has been insisting on as a vision to solve inequality and polarization.

In a speech by the representatives of negotiating groups held at the National Assembly on the morning of the same day, Chairman Lee Jae-myung proposed to amend the constitution, saying, “We should change the five-year single-term system to a four-year one-term system to enable responsible politics, and introduce runoff voting to enable legal policy solidarity rather than unifying closed rooms.” suggested

It also proposed constitutional amendment tasks such as the distribution of powers such as the Prime Minister’s National Assembly recommendation system and transfer of the Board of Audit and Inspection to the National Assembly, strengthening basic rights such as the right to life, the environment, the basic right to information, and animal rights, as well as the strengthening of autonomy and the strengthening of direct democracy.

“It is very difficult to change the constitution, but the 22nd general election, which is the middle of the president’s term, is the right time,” Lee said.

At the same time, he proposed that the Special Committee on Constitutional Amendment make a constitutional amendment within the scope of a national consensus and decide it through a referendum along with the 2024 general election.

Representative Lee said, “We also need to change the method of electing members of the National Assembly, in which a specific party dominates a specific region. We need to change the election law so that the diverse will and values ​​of the people can converge in state affairs by expanding the interlocking proportional system and preventing satellite parties,” he said.

He aimed at the Yun Seok-yeol government and said, “The rule of law in a democratic country is the basis of state affairs. He emphasized, “I will correct the rule of enforcement ordinances that threaten democracy and normalize state affairs,” he said.

“The Yoon Seok-Yeol administration must be held accountable for the diplomatic disaster.”

Regarding the controversy over President Yoon Seok-yeol’s overseas trip, Chairman Lee said, “As the first party, I will clearly ask for responsibility for this diplomatic disaster.”

Representative Lee said, “The president’s visit to Britain and the United States exposed the level of diplomacy of this government. Even though it was a core task, it became an agenda that could not be brought up.”

“There is no practice in diplomacy, a war without gunfire,” he said. It is a harsh practice that cannot be understood as a beginner. One misjudgment and one word will damage the national interest and incur huge costs. Attempts to place the blame on the people and the media opposition will never succeed,” he warned.

In addition, regarding North Korea policy, CEO Lee said, “It is a shocking and serious problem that North Korea intends to use its nuclear weapons not for defense but for a preemptive attack. ‘ is proposed,” he said. In response, he explained, “On the premise that sanctions will be restored immediately in case of violation of the promise, North Korea’s denuclearization measures and corresponding sanctions relief measures will be implemented step-by-step at the same time.”

He said, “I will succeed and develop the Moon Jae-in government’s peace process on the Korean Peninsula to establish a ‘peaceful economic system on the Korean Peninsula’. We will resolutely demand changes to North Korea’s wrong practices and attitudes,” he said.

“If the Yun Seok-yeol administration maintains peace on the Korean Peninsula and conducts pragmatic diplomacy centered on the national interest, it will spare no bipartisan cooperation at any time,” he said.

Presenting a basic social vision… “Fill out the wallets of the common people and fill the rich treasury… definitely stop it”

After listing the recent economic crisis, President Lee said, “The role of the state should be strengthened to protect the people from the crisis and to increase the ability to respond to the crisis. Unfortunately, however, the ruling party is going the opposite way.”

Then, referring to the total reduction of the local currency budget, the reduction of the public housing budget for the housing-vulnerable class, the reduction of 60,000 jobs for the elderly, and the reduction of the youth budget, he said, “The policy of ‘taking out the wallet of the poor to fill the rich’ is the root cause of the polarization of the people’s livelihood and economic crisis. widen inequality; The Democrats will do their best to stop it,” he said.

President Lee presented a ‘basic society’ based on ‘basic income’, which has established itself as his policy brand, as the main policy vision of the Democratic Party.

He said, “Our future should be a ‘basic society’ that guarantees a basic life, not a society that receives a minimum amount of support. We need to change the social system so that the basic lives of the people are guaranteed in all areas such as income, housing, finance, medical care, welfare, energy, and telecommunications,” he stressed.

“Basic income was also specified in Article 1, Paragraph 1 of the People’s Power Platform Policy. The unfulfilled promise of former President Park Geun-hye, a basic pension of 200,000 won per month for all the elderly, was the basic income for the elderly. The 1 million won per month parental benefit promoted by the Yun Seok-yeol government is also a basic income for children, he said.

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