New book 『Living as an Activist in Gwangju』 and others

New book 『Living as an Activist in Gwangju』 and others

Kim Dong-gyu, Lee Ga-hyun (Author) / Rice Book

This is a collection of interviews with 17 activists in the Gwangju area and in-depth interviews with them. The 17 people appearing in the book are people who dream of changing the world, although their fields of activity are different. They seek and protect the rights of the weak and minorities, resist discrimination, and monitor injustice and absurdity in the fields of history, finance, culture, administration, and politics on the other side. In addition, we seek solutions to the problems of education, education, and the environment that distort our lives, and engage in activities to face the youth problems we face today and find a way forward. We are also engaged in activities to fully remember the May 18th passing through Gwangju and to revive the spirit to this day.

The book contains the voices of 17 Gwangju activists who continue to fight for a better world and society in their own way in these various fields. Each activist is based on the background that led him to become an activist, the reason for choosing Gwangju, the characteristics of Gwangju, the differences and solidarity with other regions, the current work, difficulties and rewards, as well as personal wishes and the Gwangju and Korea that he draws. He speaks openly and frankly about the face of society.

The life of an activist may be beyond the ordinary in some ways. They walk the difficult path with their dreams and beliefs for a better world. Their stories, telling their secrets along the way, let them know that they are also my neighbors and my friends, and become a story of a comfortable life approaching that much. In addition, their story is the story of Gwangju, but it goes beyond one region and becomes a universal story that penetrates the entire Korean society.


– Focusing on elections from 1987 to 2022

Ahn Seong-yong (Author) / Bobbook

It analyzes and traces the trends and changes in Korean politics since the long military dictatorship came to an end due to the uprising in June 1987 and the 6th Republic was established. The book defines Korean politics as a failure, which has not escaped public condemnation even for a moment since the establishment of the 6th Republic, and explores the future direction and future of Korean politics.

The book examines the fundamental causes of failed Korean politics and the operation of power involved in it, including the election results, the circumstances before and after the election, and the dynamics of public sentiment, political parties and civil society. At the same time, the book attempts a wide and detailed analysis and diagnosis necessary to change Korean politics, which is always standing still. Through this, progressive forces and civil society lead Korean politics as a political struggle, and seek directions and alternatives for Korean society centered on equality, peace and ecology.


– Dismantling the distorted and disguised language of power

Lee Ra-young (Author) / Hankyoreh Publishing House

This is the first solo book in two years by art sociologist Lee Ra-Young, who has written a book that provides insight into the times while dealing with the hot topics of Korean society in detail and sharply. We select 21 topics that are most meaningful to us now and analyze the ‘words of power’ and ‘words of resistance’ that we unintentionally use.

Discourse on pain, labor, time, aging, color, injustice, remarks, testimony, Gwangju/women/testimony, generation, human rights, queer, hate, women, female workers, harm, animals, body, fat, power and beauty It is very new that it has formed a huge ‘map of the topic’ that shows the flow of the times as it bites its tail.


Korean Philosophical Investigation Community Research Society (Author) / Like Dream

In the ever-changing era of strong uncertainty, flexible competencies such as literacy, thinking ability, creativity, and problem-solving ability are emphasized rather than acquiring knowledge to find a single answer. This is because you must be able to lead change by thinking about the best answer within countless possibilities without being passively swept away by it.

This book aims to help students develop basic physical skills for lifelong learning, such as literacy and thinking skills, by making classroom classes a place of philosophical inquiry and discussion. To this end, the main theoretical grounds and practical methods for realizing philosophical inquiry in the classroom are guided in detail along with various examples of classes. You will get meaningful ideas about how to do philosophical inquiry with students in various subjects without being limited to a specific subject. While cross-curricular questions and discussions based on philosophical inquiry take place on a daily basis, students will be able to develop strong competencies that are essential in an era of uncertainty.


– Writing by 10 writers who became one-person media

Goo Seon-ah (Author) / Thousand Years Costume

It is a time when anyone can become a writer. It is impossible to predict where and how new writers will emerge. Previously, in order to become a writer, you had to first receive recognition from the publishing world or literary circles through submissions, contests, and New Year’s Literature. Only then did he obtain the space for magazines, newspapers, and literary magazines to publish his writings, and he was given the qualifications to be a writer to publish books.

But now I am able to choose my own method and medium to become an artist. This is because the platforms for writing, publishing, and distributing articles have diversified. From social network services such as blogs and Instagram, to platforms that publish content for free and for free, the emergence and expansion of new platforms has become a tool to encourage individual writing and a medium for publishing writing to unspecified people. Anyone can start writing and find their own readers, so that they can emerge as writers on their own.

According to the new media environment, , 10 artists who appeared differently from previous writers and were active differently were selected and shared with them. These are artists who have ‘appeared through various platforms’ or are actively using them as ‘places of artist activity’.

The major writing platforms were broadly classified into five, and writers who took the lead in using them were interviewed. Go Soo-ri, Tae-jae, Kim Dong-sik, Cheon Ji-hye, Kim Ye-ji, Nam Goong-in, Park Hul-ryung, Moon Bo-young, Hwang Hyo-jin, and Youth Yuri. These are 10 Of course, these writers aren’t the only ones working on that platform. Rather, they are writers who write in a variety of ways, crossing genres and media. Poet, novelist, web novelist, essayist, screenwriter, and cartoonist, in fact, these distinctions themselves are almost indistinguishable. The writing base and genre boundaries are not fixed, and they cross at any time.


– The story of a woman who overcame hepatitis B liver cancer and changed her life with natural healing

Hwa-suk Kim (Author) / Flight of Thoughts

The author, a mother of three and a dedicated social worker, has lived a ‘moderate’ life for fear of hearing a strong woman’s voice. He was a hepatitis B carrier with a family history, and one day he was diagnosed with liver cancer and underwent liver cancer resection. After that, he wanted freedom, both body and soul. Listening to his body, after 3 weeks of fasting, he developed hepatitis B antibodies and his body changed dramatically.

Self-directed natural healing was a life of studying and practicing nature as a school instead of hospitals and medicines. He began to live a new life by overturning the relationship with his husband and children by expressing the explosive energy of menopause through feminism studies. Now, 8 years after cancer surgery, I am living as a ’60th birthday tiger’ that is healthier than when I was in my 20s.

The author shows that hepatitis B patients who feel the limitations of conventional medicine can see hope like a rain by showing that fasting and diet can awaken the sleeping human immune system. In addition, this book is also a period of growth for a feminist who is in solidarity with women, expresses anger toward the world, and opens a new path for liberation, love, and a new way.

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