Mitsubishi Estate Opens “Hanai Travel Agency,” a Website for Disseminating Tourist Information for Airport Travel

Mitsubishi Estate Opens "Hanai Travel Agency," a Website for Disseminating Tourist Information for Airport Travel

On September 20th, Mitsubishi Estate opened a website for distributing tourist information for airport travel, “Hanai Travel Agency”.

Official site

Official Twitter

Release date September 20

Mitsubishi Estate Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo; President: Junichi Yoshida) is disseminating tourism information under the theme of “Unbiased Travel Agency” in order to have people learn more deeply and enjoyably about the attractions of the airport area in which we are involved. Launch a site and a Twitter account. Guides with a bit of a biased love will suggest airport trips starting from Takamatsu Airport, Shimojishima Airport (Miyakojima), Mt.Fuji Shizuoka Airport, and Hokkaido Airport.


In 2018, we started full-scale airport operations. Despite the impact of the new coronavirus, we have worked together with many businesses such as local governments, airlines, and local accommodation providers to support regional tourism.

During that time, we met local people who learned about the “scenery and experiences unique to the region” that we didn’t know about, enjoyed them deeply, and talked about them with “hot love”. Just listening to their stories made me excited, thinking, “There’s a place like this!” or “I want to go there!”

Therefore, I thought that people who do not have the opportunity to directly interact with the locals should know and experience them, so I decided to launch “Hanai Travel Agency”, which collects carefully selected articles that are particular about the amount of passion.

Please get to know the “slightly deep and pretty hot” area from this site and experience the one-sided love together. As you do so, you may discover a new side of the area that you should have known, or a biased love that you have deep inside. We are still looking for guides! Let’s liven up local tourism together!

[What is “Unbiased Travel Agency”]

“Hanai Travel Agency” is a fictitious travel agency that proposes new travel plans for a new way to spend two days and one night in the area by a guide with a little biased love. For a long time, the situation that I had to endure the journey continued.

However, the people who lived there did not just wait for that time, but nurtured and rediscovered local resources in each place. This time, we have gathered a selection of trips that we would like all of you who are eager to travel to experience. Feel the charm of regional tourism and air travel again.

[Official website: currently open partial love travel plan]

Udon’s favorite trip: “Sanuki Udon YouTuber Carefully Selected! 1 Night 2 Days Udon Swamp Trip”
Guide: Yagutown (Sanuki Udon YouTuber)

Seasonings’ favoritism journey: “I can keep eating endlessly! Recommendation of the devil’s seasoning”
Guide: Mr. Satoshi Fujita, Staff at Takamatsu Airport


A Journey to Love Seto-Gei: “The time has come for Seto-Gei! It’s not an appreciation, it’s an experience! That’s Seto-Gei!”
Guide: Mika Kubo / Planning and Development Department (Kotohira Bus Co., Ltd.)

[Twitter: Present campaign]

A gift campaign is being held on Twitter where you can win items from four airport areas carefully selected by Hanai Travel Agency. The first is Takamatsu Airport! The prizes change every time, so don’t miss it!

Period: September 20th (Tue) to September 26th (Mon), 2022
・ Setouchi Triennale Art Appreciation Passport (2 pieces)
・ WeBase Takamatsu accommodation ticket
*Comfort twin room with breakfast for 1 night (up to 2 people and 1 child can sleep together)
* Accommodation reservation period: October 10, 2022 (Monday / holiday) to December 22, 2022 (Thursday)
Number of winners: 3
Participation method: ① Follow @henaitravel on Twitter
② RT the target post
Please check the official Twitter for details.

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