Jo Eung-cheon, “If you spend 10 years as a prosecutor, XX will stick to your mouth”

Jo Eung-cheon, "If you spend 10 years as a prosecutor, XX will stick to your mouth"

On the 29th, Rep. Cho Eung-cheon of the Democratic Party of Korea analyzed that the presidential office and the ruling party went strong on the 29th in relation to President Yoon Seok-yeol’s ‘profanity controversy’, saying it was a ‘manipulative report’ and “to gather supporters.”

In an interview with MBC Radio’s ‘Kim Jong-bae’s Focus’ this morning, Rep. Cho Eung-cheon said, “The president’s approval rating for state affairs is too low, and there seems to be no sign or opportunity for a rebound. “I think they are doing this out of a sense of urgency that they should be united,” he said.

Assemblyman Cho said, “’I relaxed too quickly. I am very sorry that I made a mistake. If I had said, ‘I will be careful not to let this happen in the future,’ I would have understood and moved on.”

He continued, “President Yoon is demonizing MBC by taking coordinates while covering the sky with his palm after you say that. You need to tell the truth quickly and express your regrets.”

In particular, he stressed the need to focus on achieving diplomatic achievements after President Yoon officially apologized for the profanity controversy. He said, “It is important to have an in-depth discussion with the US Vice President today about the inflation reduction law that caused the diplomatic disaster to provide a clue, and to show the results to the public by providing an opportunity for Japan to shift from an overbearing attitude to the issue of compensation for conscription victims. Jeongguk Law,” he said.

In addition, Rep. Cho said, “I thought that President Yoon Seok-yeol would be a bit unfair rather than ‘Biden’ or ‘Blow it’.

He said, “Except for official positions, XX is used in my name.” “I did it as usual, but I would not have been able to admit it (about the use of profanity) because it would become a big deal later,” he said. “He said.

On the other hand, as for the proposal for the dismissal of Foreign Minister Park Jin, which the Democratic Party foretold on the same day, he predicted, “If you look at the attitudes of the president and the ruling party toward the diplomatic disaster, they will not accept it at all.”

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