Jeong Jin-seok: “Responsible act of self-harm in the national interest”

Jeong Jin-seok: "Responsible act of self-harm in the national interest"

On the 29th, Jeong Jin-seok, chairman of the People’s Power Emergency Response Committee, said to the Democratic Party of Korea, which is pouring out criticism every day for the ‘controversy of profane language’ and the silent visit that occurred during the diplomatic tour of President Yoon Seok-yeol, “Curse beyond random scratches on the president who is engaged in summit diplomacy. and hate,” he said.

In a speech by the representative of a negotiating group held at the National Assembly on the morning of the same day, Vice Chairman Jeong Jin-seok said, “I completely forgot the diplomatic disaster of the last government, which was even assaulted by reporters on tour alone, and came up with an absurd proposal to dismiss the foreign minister.” It is an irresponsible act of self-harm in the national interest that cannot be found even in third world countries that do not do this.”

Regarding MBC, Chairman Jung said, “The media, which should be fair and objective, is taking the lead in tarnishing the president with fake news and undermining national interests. We are reporting inconsistencies in the national flag,” he claimed.

He continued, “I want to ask if the Korean media is right. It cannot but be a disgraceful act of abandoning even the basic ethics and patriotism of the media,” he said.

He further said, “Please reveal the background of subtitled ‘Biden’, which I can’t find no matter how much I listen to it. We need to find those responsible and punish them severely, and come up with measures to establish new journalism ethics,” he warned.

In addition, Chairman Jung evaluated, “The last 143 days of the Yun Seok-yeol administration were a time of fierce struggle to correct the abnormalities of the past while taking care of the people’s lives despite the constant disturbance and trespassing of the Democratic Party.”

Chairman Jung said, “The Democratic Party is denying even the obvious reality of regime change, wielding the remaining parliamentary power in the last hand, and holding the ankles of state affairs in every case. ” he said.

He said, “People remember how harsh the past governments were for the mistakes of the Lee Myung-bak and Park Geun-hye governments. The Democratic Party, which used to be the case, is now focusing on covering up their corruption while pushing for inspection and inspection,” he said. The 169-seat opposition party is using all of its power,” he said.

Regarding the Democratic Party’s ‘political retaliation’ and ‘repression’ against allegations surrounding Democratic Party leader Lee Jae-myung, such as the Daejang-dong case, the Baekhyeon-dong case, Seongnam FC, and payment of attorneys’ fees, he said, “In the beginning, our party did not raise any cases. All of these issues were raised during the Democratic Party’s intra-party primary,” he said. “President Park Geun-hye went to jail without receiving a penny. It is a serious Korean corporation that even ex-presidents are sent to prison if they make a mistake, but who can be an exception?” he asked.

He also raised the theory of responsibility for the Moon Jae-in government for the economic and security crisis.

Chairman Jung said, “The vitality of the private sector has fallen sharply due to excessively increased regulations and taxes during the past five years of the Moon Jae-in administration, and as a result of the reckless push to phase out nuclear power and distort electricity rates, there is a huge burden on the overall energy market.” “As a result of the rapid increase in the national debt, it is difficult to use the fiscal efficiently,” he said.

“As the ROK-U.S. alliance weakened and Korea-Japan relations deteriorated, our diplomatic position remarkably decreased. “The People’s Power has no intention of repeating the failures of the past five years,” he added.

In addition, he urged the prompt formation of the National Assembly’s mid-level consultative body proposed by National Assembly Speaker Kim Jin-pyo.

Chairman Jeong said, “I hope that this council will be formed as soon as possible so that the ruling and opposition parties can put their heads together. “I ask that the Chairman take special interest in the establishment of the National Assembly Progressive Council as soon as possible, and that Chairman Lee Jae-myung of the Democratic Party will at least open his heart and accept this,” he said.

He added, “The constitutional amendment, the revision of the election law, and the laying down of the parliamentary privileges, which President Jae-myung Lee suggested through a speech by the representative of the negotiating group, will also be able to have a sufficiently in-depth discussion through this organization. “I have a firm will to consult with the Democrats,” he added.

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