In Russia, for the fourth time in two months, they tried to undermine the railway

In Russia, for the fourth time in two months, they tried to undermine the railway

The FSB reported on the prevention of an attempt to undermine the railway near the village of Soldatskaya Kabardino-Balkaria. The department said it found “two armed terrorists” at the time they planted an explosive device.

“When trying to detain these persons, they offered armed resistance, as a result of which they were neutralized by return fire. In addition, an accomplice of terrorists was detained, ”the FSB said (quote from “Interfax”).

At the crime scene, near the railway bridge over the canal. VI Lenin, law enforcement officers also found a machine gun, pistol and ammunition. During a search of the house of one of the suspects, “components and tools for making explosive devices, communication tools containing information confirming criminal intentions” were seized.

The investigating authorities opened criminal cases under articles of preparation for sabotage, illegal circulation of weapons, explosives and explosive devices.

This is the fourth time in two months they tried to undermine the railway in Russia. Previously, attempts were made in the Kursk region bordering Ukraine. In the end of August was damaged section of the Klyukva-Kursk haul. Investigators found that they tried to undermine the rails with a homemade device weighing 400 grams. The movement of trains was not stopped, but the speed had to be reduced. The previous two cases of undermining the railway in the Kursk region happened August 10 and 16 at the races “Lhov – Suzha” and “Lhov – Lokynskaya”.

Around the same time, six high-voltage power lines leading to the Kursk nuclear power plant were blown up. FSB accused in this Ukrainian saboteurs. According to the security forces, there were three attacks in total: on August 4, 9 and 12. The attackers’ actions were qualified as a terrorist attack and a criminal case was opened.

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