Demand for ‘single wage system’ beyond occupations and regions Tuition solidarity “General strike in November if demand is not accepted”

Demand for 'single wage system' beyond occupations and regions Tuition solidarity "General strike in November if demand is not accepted"

School non-regular workers urged the introduction of a single wage system.

The National Association of School Non-regular Workers (Tuition Solidarity) held a press conference at the central meeting room of the Korean Federation of Trade Unions in Jung-gu, Seoul on the morning of the 27th and said, “The Ministry of Education and 17 provincial and provincial offices of education should stop paying wages and introduce a single wage system for school non-regular workers.” We will fight until it is achieved,” he said. The conference was held simultaneously across the country.

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The Tuition Solidarity started collective wage negotiations with the Ministry of Education and provincial and provincial education offices on the 14th. Based on data such as self-research services, job evaluations by the Ministry of Education in 2018, public officials at other public institutions, and wage guidelines for privately entrusted social welfare facilities, they are demanding the introduction of a wage system that is 80% higher than that of regular workers.

The organization said, “We have proposed a proposal to the management to negotiate a wage negotiation that is at a completely different level of negotiation for the past 10 years. I am getting paid,” he said.

School non-regular workers are paid wages according to type 1, type 2, and other types. The Solidarity for Tuition said, “For the convenience of the Office of Education, we need to break away from the method of classifying wages by job type without grounds.” “A single basic wage system is applied to non-regular workers working in all schools, eliminating discrimination by region and job type and adopting a new wage system. A transformation is needed,” he said.

In addition to the introduction of a single wage system, the Tuition Coalition is also calling for legislation to be enacted for public officials in education, to implement the recommendations of the Human Rights Committee on Welfare and Welfare Discrimination, and to lower the standard for placement of cafeterias.

They said, “If this request is not accepted, the Tuition Solidarity will hold the first general strike in November with the participation of 100,000 members of the National School Non-regular Workers’ Association.”

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