Daejeon outlet fire disaster Lee Eun-joo ‘must be thoroughly investigated for safety obligations’

Daejeon outlet fire disaster Lee Eun-joo 'must be thoroughly investigated for safety obligations'

On the 29th, Lee Eun-joo, chairman of the Justice Party’s emergency response committee, said that if the fire department falsely reported the measures taken by the fire department in relation to the fire disaster at the Hyundai Premium Outlet in Daejeon, “This is an obvious serious accident.”

Lee Eun-joo, chairman of the platoon, said at a meeting of the platoon on the morning of the same day, “Of the seven workers who died in the Hyundai Outlet fire, the death of a facility team worker was held yesterday. We express our condolences to the deceased and bereaved family, pray for the well-being of the victims who have not yet held a funeral, and offer deep condolences to the bereaved family.”

In addition, noting that all the casualties caused by this disaster were subcontractors, he pointed out, “The workers who lost their lives in the Taean Thermal Power Plant Kim Yong-gyun, Pyeongtaek Port Lee Seon-ho, Gwangju Hak-dong disaster, and countless workers who died at work were all subcontractors.”

At around 7:45 am on the 26th, a large fire occurred at Hyundai Premium Outlet in Yongsan-dong, Yuseong-gu, Daejeon. At the time of the fire, the outlet had not opened and there were no customers, but seven workers who had been working since dawn to prepare for the opening were killed and one seriously injured. The victims of the accident were mainly engaged in facility management, logistics, waste incineration, and beautification, and were all workers from subcontractors and service companies.

Chairman Lee said, “It is known that the store where the fire occurred this time was reported to have received 24 points such as faulty fire detector wires and fire alarms during an inspection by the fire department in June. It cannot but be doubted whether Hyundai Outlet has fulfilled its obligation to secure safety,” he pointed out.

He said, “If the measures for the 24 pointed out cases were falsely reported, it would be an obvious serious accident.”

He said, “If the fire occurred after the store was opened, it is a serious matter that could have spread to a large-scale civil disaster. If any suspicions are found, special labor supervision should be carried out immediately,” he urged.

He also urged the government to immediately stop attempts to neutralize the Serious Disaster Punishment Act.

Chairman Lee emphasized, “If President Yoon Seok-yeol personally visits the site and tries to neutralize the Act on the Punishment of Serious Disasters, the Justice Party will concentrate its power to block it.”

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