[Bookshelf]Fresh fish snacks at a Japanese restaurant Shibata Shoten

[Bookshelf]Fresh fish snacks at a Japanese restaurant Shibata Shoten

An increasing number of restaurants are devising sashimi and fresh fish dishes. The book introduces more than 150 ideas-filled “fresh fish snacks” by 6 popular shops in Tokyo where reservations are difficult.

“Provide sashimi with seasoning” “Plenty of vegetables and seafood in one dish” “Easy to eat with acid and oil” “Incorporate the acidity and sweetness of vegetables and fruits” “Fermented pickles as a secret ingredient” “Flavor of finishing” There are a wide variety of techniques and ideas, such as pickles, sauces, dipping areas, and dressing variations. In addition, we also posted how to use inexpensive cuts, how to purchase seafood, and the sake and wine of each store that goes well with seafood.

Listed stores are “namida” (Shimokitazawa), “Sakai Shokai” (Shibuya), “Sowado” (Hiroo), “Noyashichi” (Arakicho), “Oyama No Lively” (Daikanyama), ” Mametan” (Nezu).

B5 modified format. 176 pages. List price 2800 yen (excluding tax). Published by Shibata Shoten.

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