“According to the will of the people” vs “The majority’s tyranny after the dismissal of Minister Park Jin”

“According to the will of the people” vs “The majority’s tyranny after the dismissal of Minister Park Jin”

In the plenary session of the National Assembly, the Democratic Party of Korea independently handled the proposal for the dismissal of Minister of Foreign Affairs Park Jin. In response, the People’s Power criticized it as “not a diplomatic catastrophe, but the Democratic Party’s forced self-harm,” and proposed a ‘resignation call’ for National Assembly Speaker Kim Jin-pyo, who had proposed a proposal for dismissal.

At the plenary session on the 29th, the National Assembly approved the proposal for the dismissal of Minister Park Jin with 168 in favor, 1 against, and 1 abstention out of 170 incumbents. It is the first time the Yoon Seok-yeol administration has passed a proposal for the dismissal of a minister, and it is the seventh time in constitutional history.

The People’s Power left the group before the vote in opposition to the dismissal proposal that day, and the Justice Party also did not participate in the vote, saying that direct responsibility for the diplomatic disaster lies with the presidential office and that President Yoon Seok-yeol should apologize. It seems that only a few members of the Democratic Party, the Basic Income Party and independent lawmakers participated in the vote.

In this regard, Joo Ho-young, floor leader of the People’s Power, argued that “it was not a diplomatic disaster, but a tragedy in which the Democratic Party forcibly harmed the Republic of Korea.”

Joo Ho-young, floor leader of the House of Representatives, said at a meeting on the morning of the 30th that “the British say they are grateful for the good condolences, and the United States says there is no problem, but only the Democratic Party says there is a problem.”

Minority Leader Joo vehemently criticized the proposal for the dismissal of Minister Park Jin, which the Democratic Party handled alone in order to hold him accountable for the diplomatic disaster, as “the tyranny of the majority and the loss of neutrality of Chairman Kim Jin-pyo.”

He added, “Under the constitution, only the private culture of the National Assembly’s right to recommend dismissal and the Democratic Party’s strategy to inflict damage on the president and the government remain.”

He said, “The Democratic Party is a party that has the ability to expand and reproduce small flaws and non-existent flaws and play them in the media,” he said.

On the same day, the People’s Power submitted a resolution calling for the resignation of Chairman Kim Jin-pyo to the Secretariat of the National Assembly. In the resolution, the People’s Power argued that “there was an obligation to conduct a neutral and fair decision in the process of presenting and voting on the proposal for dismissal of the State Council member at the plenary session of the National Assembly on the 29th, but he violated the duty of neutrality by proceeding with partiality.”

Democratic lawmakers handling the dismissal proposal (broadcast screen). The box is Minister of Foreign Affairs Park Jin

The Democratic Party urged President Yoon to accept the proposal to dismiss Park.

Park Hong-geun, floor leader of the Democratic Party, said at a meeting of the Supreme Council of the Jeollanam-do on the morning of the same day, “If the president expresses regret and there is a sincere apology from the foreign minister and personnel measures from the presidential office, the Democratic Party of Korea should withdraw the proposal to dismiss the foreign minister.” It was President Yoon Seok-yeol who rejected reasonable and common-sense mediation at once,” he said, raising criticisms of the people’s power who initiated the proposal to resign from Chairman Kim, calling it a “blackmail threat.”

“The Democratic Party has processed the proposal for the dismissal of the foreign minister according to the will of the people,” said floor leader Park.

He added, “It is a direct challenge to the people to just crush it without an apology to the public or a renewal of the diplomatic line,” he added.

Democratic Party leader Lee Jae-myung also said, “The people have ears and the intellect to judge. Lying and intimidating doesn’t erase the facts I’ve heard. didn’t you curse I must say that I was wrong,” he demanded an apology from President Yoon.

CEO Lee said, “How can you intimidate the media, hold them accountable, and reveal the truth so easily? Please respect the people.”

The Justice Party explained the reason for not participating in the vote on the proposal for the dismissal of Minister Park, saying that President Yoon Seok-yeol was responsible for the political concerns and the situation following the dismissal proposal.

Lee Eun-joo, chairman of the Justice Party’s emergency countermeasures committee, told YTN Radio’s ‘New King Park Ji-hoon’ on the morning of the same day, “The ultimate responsibility for this diplomatic failure lies with President Yoon, and the essential reason that the diplomatic tour led to a disaster is the excommunication of profanity. Although the Minister of Foreign Affairs is responsible (rather than recommending dismissal), it is an issue that needs to be apologized.”

Then he said, “What is the responsibility of the President (for this situation)? “I can never agree with the behavior of President Yoon Seok-yeol hiding behind the minister and trying to move on without an apology for the excommunication of profanity, and the people will not agree,” he said.

Chairman Lee also said, “There is concern that the proposal for dismissal will lead to excessive political strife. “It is very likely that the president will exercise the veto,” he said.

He repeatedly said, “The way to solve this situation is for President Yoon Seok-yeol to make an apology to the public and the National Assembly as soon as possible,” he said.

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