Oktober 2, 2022

Even after Sok Heng's death, the reality of migrant agricultural workers remains unchanged.

Even after the death of Sok Heng, a migrant worker from Cambodia, who died while sleeping in a plastic house in December 2020, it was pointed out that there was no change in the poor working conditions of migrant workers working in rural areas. The ‘Migrant Labor 119 Project Group’ and independent lawmaker Yoon Mi-hyang, in solidarity with the Earth People’s Stop, the Migrant Union, and the Gyeongnam Branch of

Mitsubishi Estate Opens "Hanai Travel Agency," a Website for Disseminating Tourist Information for Airport Travel

On September 20th, Mitsubishi Estate opened a website for distributing tourist information for airport travel, “Hanai Travel Agency”. Official site https://henaitravel.jp Official Twitter https://Twitter.com/henaitravel Release date September 20 Mitsubishi Estate Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo; President: Junichi Yoshida) is disseminating tourism information under the theme of “Unbiased Travel Agency” in order to have people learn more deeply and enjoyably about the attractions of the airport area in which we are

Couple shields children from dead bodies amid Ian disaster

(NewsNation) — Shelby Stites and her family have lived in Florida near Sanibel Island their entire lives. They are no strangers to tropical storms. But the flood and the destruction it brought Hurricane Ian surprising even for them. Stites said she and her husband had to lift their 5-year-old and 2-year-old children over their heads to keep them above Ian’s floodwaters as they left their one-story house for their neighbor’s

Demand for 'single wage system' beyond occupations and regions Tuition solidarity "General strike in November if demand is not accepted"

School non-regular workers urged the introduction of a single wage system. The National Association of School Non-regular Workers (Tuition Solidarity) held a press conference at the central meeting room of the Korean Federation of Trade Unions in Jung-gu, Seoul on the morning of the 27th and said, “The Ministry of Education and 17 provincial and provincial offices of education should stop paying wages and introduce a single wage system for

Bankruptcy of travel industry, no August

According to Teikoku Databank, there were no bankruptcies in the travel industry (legal liquidation of liabilities of 10 million yen or more) in August this year. The cumulative number of cases since January is 12, a decrease of 9 cases (42.9% decrease) compared to the same period of the previous year. Total liabilities decreased by 2.1% year on year to 1,664 million yen. Source link

Small barrier islands ravaged by Ian feeling forgotten in Florida

(NewsNation) — In the air over Sanibel, on Florida’s southwest coast, new video shows rescue teams on their way to help people still stranded after Hurricane Ian. It hurricane category 4 destroying part of the Sanibel Causeway, the only way in and out of the island. Rescues over the weekend still happen only by boat or helicopter. Not far from Sanibel are other barrier islands such as Matlacha, also cut

Justice Party Party Representative Election Five-fifth match: Lee Jeong-mi, Kim Yoon-gi, Jo Seong-ju, Lee Dong-young, Jeong Ho-jin

The election for the Justice Party, which is facing the biggest crisis since its inception, has begun in earnest. All five candidates for the party have declared their candidacy: former representative Lee Jung-mi, former vice-president Kim Yoon-gi, former policy committee vice-chairman Jo Sung-joo, former chief spokesman Lee Dong-young, and former chief spokesman Jeong Ho-jin. The party leadership elected in this election will lead the party’s innovation and reconstruction in the

West Kyushu Shinkansen opens

The West Kyushu Shinkansen between Takeo Onsen (Saga Prefecture) and Nagasaki (approximately 66 km) opened on September 23rd. By connecting with the conventional line limited express, the Hakata-Nagasaki section takes about 1 hour and 20 minutes, about 30 minutes shorter than before. There are hopes that tourism and hot spring resorts along the line will be revitalized, but the route and operation method for the remaining development section (between Shin-Tosu

“Revision to the 4-year presidential term of office,” Lee Jae-myung’s first speech at the National Assembly

On the 28th, Lee Jae-myung, chairman of the Democratic Party of Korea, proposed a constitutional amendment centered on reforming the presidential system. He also presented a ‘basic society’ based on ‘basic income’ that CEO Jae-myung Lee has been insisting on as a vision to solve inequality and polarization. In a speech by the representatives of negotiating groups held at the National Assembly on the morning of the same day, Chairman

[Japan National Tourism Organization Inbound Latest Report 89]Transmitting Japanese culture at film festivals Toru Kitamura, Director of JNTO Rome Office

“A Midsummer Night’s Dream” A heat wave hit Europe this summer. The heat and drought continue in Italy, especially in the northern part of the country. Rome also exceeds 35 degrees every day, and the famous fountain seems to be weakening. Tourists from all over the world have returned to Rome since spring, and the city is regaining its liveliness. It seems that there are many tourists, especially from the