Armed Forces of Ukraine announced the encirclement of Russian troops near Liman

Armed Forces of Ukraine announced the encirclement of Russian troops near Liman

The Ukrainian military liberated five settlements near Liman and surrounded Russian units. About this on the air of the radio “Suspilne” declared Sergei Cherevaty, representative of the Eastern Group of Forces.

“The Russian grouping in the Liman area is surrounded. The settlements of Yampol, Novoselovka, Shandrigolovo, Drobyshevo, Stavki have been liberated, stabilization measures are continuing there, ”he explained.

When asked exactly how many Russians were surrounded, he answered: “The Russian grouping numbered in the region of 5000-5500. However, active hostilities “minus” their combat strength, as well as some groups that tried to break through. That is, the establishment of the exact number of Russians still requires analysis in order to name the exact figure.

According to the head of the administration of the Lugansk region, Sergei Gaidai, the group of Russian troops was cut off from supply lines. The encircled military had three options for the development of events: break out of the encirclement, die or surrender. Gaidai added that the servicemen trapped in Liman asked the command for permission to leave the city, but they were refused.

Po data the American Institute for the Study of War (ISW), the Armed Forces of Ukraine can complete the encirclement of the Russian group near Liman or take the city under their control in the next 72 hours. Ukrainian artillery, according to incoming reports, continues to block the only remaining escape route for Russian troops on the Kremennaya-Torskoye road. It is also reported that Ukrainian reconnaissance and sabotage groups are operating on the Svatovo-Torskoe highway northeast of Liman.

The Russian command is deploying reinforcements to the Liman region, including those drafted into the army as part of mobilization, who, as noted, have hardly had time to undergo training and have combat experience.

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