Ankita Case: Tampering with Evidence! First the VIP room was set on fire, why?

Ankita Case: Tampering with Evidence!  First the VIP room was set on fire, why?

After the murder of 19-year-old Ankita Bhandari in Uttarakhand, new revelations are being made every day, while many serious questions are also standing on the left. Pulkit Arya, son of former Uttarakhand minister Vinod Arya, is accused of killing Ankita.

Important questions are also being raised about the investigation going on regarding the Ankita murder case. The investigation of the murder case may have been handed over to the SIT, but it is clear from the delay in the investigation that every effort is being made to save the influential accused.

Ankita’s family has made serious allegations regarding the action initiated. Ankita’s father says that an attempt was made to erase the evidence from the resort by running a bulldozer.

The question is also that if the authorities did not allow the bulldozers to run on the resort, then at whose behest the bulldozers were fired.

After this massacre, BJP’s female MLA Renu Bisht remained very active. She was present from the resort to the mortuary, about which questions are being raised. Renu Bisht withdrew from the spot only when an angry mob set her car on fire.

Ankita last chatted with her friend on WhatsApp. In which he told that a VIP guest resort is going to come on Monday. And Pulkit is pressurizing to please that VIP guest.

Ankita wrote to her friend that she is being told that the VIP guest will have to provide extra service. When Ankita denied this, Pulkit and his associates killed her.

So far no investigation is being done regarding the VIP guest in the police investigation. Whereas Ankita’s friend had told that that guest has come to the resort many times before.

The question is also arising about the fire in the resort. The resort was set on fire during the demonstration. First a fire was set in the room which was booked for the VIP guest. No one knows who started the arson. However, BJP MLA Renu Bisht was present during this demonstration.

The room was set on fire even before the forensic team arrived, so suspicion arose whether an attempt had been made to destroy the evidence. However, the SSP of Pauri claimed that his team had got the resort videographed on September 22 itself.

Police claimed that Ankita was murdered on September 19, and the body was recovered on September 24. The body was recovered five days later from the same place where it was said to be thrown. There is also a question about how Ankita’s body remained in the same place for five days in the flowing canal. Neither the dead body swelled nor was it eaten by fish.

BJP MLA Renu Bisht had also reached Morchuri before the family. The body was recovered on 24 September. After this information, Ankita’s father and brother went to the canal.

But, they were not allowed to see the dead body. The body was kept in the mortuary of AIIMS Rishikesh. After sometime when the family reached Morchuri, MLA Renu Bisht was already present there.

Bulldozers ran over the resort on Friday night. BJP MLA Renu Bisht was still there when the incident took place. 24 hours after the incident, Ankita’s family alleged that a bulldozer was used to destroy the evidence.

After that the DC and SDM said that they had not given orders to run the bulldozers. Now it is also being investigated as to who started the bulldozer.

These are all questions that need to be answered. Because Pulkit’s father is a well-known BJP leader from Uttarakhand, he is also associated with the Sangh. And it is believed that he is constantly trying to influence the investigation. However, after Pulkit’s arrest, BJP has expelled him from the party.

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