Russian police ordered to hand over passports

Russian police ordered to hand over passports

Interior Ministry employees were banned from traveling outside of Russia after the announcement of “partial” mobilization, writes The base with reference to the corresponding order, which was signed on September 23.

All police officers with access to state secrets were also ordered to hand over their passports. Vacations abroad agreed before the start of mobilization are massively cancelled. Formally, you can leave if the trip approved by the authorities is planned for a “recommended” country, and the police officer can present copies of tickets and hotel reservations. However, one employee of the Ministry of Internal Affairs was denied exit even in the presence of all of the above.

Since 2018, the security forces permitted travel to 13 countries, including the CIS countries, China, Vietnam, Thailand, Cuba and Turkey. Instead of trips abroad and vacations, Interior Ministry employees are now more often sent to shooting ranges. Recently, shooting classes have been held every week, Baza notes.

Head of Chechnya Ramzan Kadyrov refusing to conduct mobilization in his republic, offered to send Russian security officials to the war in Ukraine. “Together with law enforcement and military departments, this is about 5 million people who regularly pass sports standards. If you leave 50% of the staff in office, then the second half of them in the amount of 2.5 million people will demolish any Western army. And you don’t need a backup.” declared Kadyrov.

However, against the background of mass dissatisfaction of Russians with the mobilization, the Kremlin needs the security forces to suppress the protests. One of the versions why the authorities did not close the borders for people fleeing the draft is that the regime does not have enough security forces to cope with an organized group of people.

“If you close the border, you will need thousands of security forces: frustrated people may attempt to break through. And there are not so many extra security forces now, ”- noted Meduza’s source in the presidential administration.

Also, the security forces are involved in the implementation of mobilization. So, for example, police departments in Moscow started check all applicants and detainees for fitness for military service. When evaders are identified, the police, in violation of the law, take them to the nearest military enlistment office. According to sources in law enforcement agencies, after that, men began to turn to police departments less often, and instead of men, “almost only women” come with statements.

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