Norway, following Finland, may close entry to Russians

Norway, following Finland, may close entry to Russians

Norway prepared to quickly close the border to the Russians if necessary, said the head of the country’s Ministry of Justice, Emily Enger Mehl. After the entry ban from Finland, Norway remains the only European country through the land border with which Russian tourists can enter the Schengen zone.

“If necessary, we will quickly close the border, and changes can occur in a short time. Compared to Finland, fewer people arrived in Norway [из России]and here the situation is different, leads words stranded by Reuters.

However, the total flow from Russia has grown to several hundred people a day. Therefore, Norway is going to send helicopters with sensors to the border to patrol it and prevent illegal crossing.

On the eve of Finland, where 43 thousand people left after the announcement of mobilization in Russia, accepted decision to restrict the entry of Russians. The border closed to Russians with tourist visas on September 30, due to the threat they pose to Finland. The Finnish authorities made an exception for those who come to the country for study, a work contract, for diplomatic purposes or to reunite with their families. Also, representatives of the opposition can still enter the country.

Prior to this, the borders for Russians were closed by Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania and Poland. They sought a complete ban on the entry of Russian citizens at the EU level, but in Brussels they abandoned the tough measure and proposed instead to abolish the simplified procedure for obtaining visas. This resulted in an increase in the visa fee from 35 to 80 euros and the waiting period from 10 to 45 days.

As a result, the Baltic countries and Poland decided to coordinate efforts and jointly not let Russians into their territory. However, according to Estonian Prime Minister Kai Kallas, Russians can visit the country to meet with relatives or for other “humanitarian reasons.”

Thus, all land borders with EU countries are currently closed to Russians. Norway is not part of the EU, but is part of the Schengen area. Through its territory, you can get to Sweden or fly to EU countries accessible to Russian citizens, with which Russia has no flights due to the war in Ukraine.

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