In Russia after the mobilization soared prices for bulletproof vests

In Russia after the mobilization soared prices for bulletproof vests

Bulletproof vests in Russia have risen sharply in price against the background of the announcement of mobilization and the rush demand for them among recruits. How informs “Base”, referring to the data of online stores, in some cases, price increases reached more than 1000%

Bulletproof vests remain the most expensive piece of equipment that conscripts can now buy. The price for a set can reach up to 200,000 rubles. At the same time, due to the jump in demand, it is already difficult to get equipment. Military ammunition is now “buying up buckwheat as before,” complained “Tatar-inform” agency mobilized residents of Kazan. «First of all, thermal underwear, warm socks, hats, gloves, suits, sleeping bags are in demand, ”said the manager of one of the military departments of the capital of Tatarstan. He noted that now up to 200 customers a day turn to the store, and with such demand, there is already a shortage.

A similar situation arose throughout Russia. After the announcement of the mobilization of power assured that will provide the recruits with everything they need. However, it was noted that recruits can use their own equipment. The mobilized were advised to get warm jackets, winter camouflage coats, berets and tourist rugs. In a week, all this was almost completely sold out, they said in one of the military departments. Demand for backpacks, sleeping bags and thermal underwear has also skyrocketed. They are bought up in stores for tourism and hunting. In Moscow and the region, the demand for winter clothing and footwear has increased significantly.

The Federal Antimonopoly Service decided to check retail chains because of the rise in prices for overalls and uniforms. The agency requested from the Voentorg, Sportmaster and Hakki retail chains data on the dynamics of selling and purchasing prices for goods in August-September with explanations. “If signs of dishonest behavior and the establishment of economically unjustified prices by individual sellers are found, the department will immediately take antimonopoly response measures and will stop unfair practices,” the FAS promised.

Earlier, regional authorities spoke about their methods of dealing with price increases. So, the head of Buryatia Alexei Tsydenov declaredthat sellers who decided to “cash in at this time, earn super profits” would be better off lowering prices, otherwise they themselves would have to “prepare for mobilization”.

According to those mobilized from Moscow, they are given the uniform of the previous generation. Her condition is called normal – “everything is not worn, from warehouses.” However, even this level material support is observed not everywhere: data BBC, in a number of units, recruits are directly told to take care of the equipment themselves.

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