Ten countries advised their citizens to leave Russia

Ten countries advised their citizens to leave Russia

A growing number of countries are recommending that their citizens leave Russia after President Vladimir Putin announced “partial mobilization.” 10 states have already called for this.

September 29 with such a statement acted embassy Italy – fellow citizens are advised to leave if their stay in the Russian Federation is not absolutely necessary. The diplomatic mission explains its recommendations with “recent developments in the international situation and the increasing complexity of air and road communications with Russia.”

AT Lithuania stick to similar position:After Russia announced a partial mobilization, the Foreign Ministry recommends that Lithuanian citizens do not travel to Russia, and those who are already on its territory to leave the country.” Simultaneously Lithuania led army on high alert.

September 28 Minister of Foreign Affairs Latvia Edgar Rinkevich also urged compatriots not to visit Russia, and those who are already in the country to leave it as soon as possible “due to the aggravation of the international situation.” In addition, Latvia introduced state of emergency in the regions bordering Russia.

MFA Romania also recommended that his compatriots leave Russia and refrain from “unnecessary trips” to this country.

On September 27, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs stated the same Poland. The agency warned that “in the event of a deterioration in the security situation, border closures and other unpredictable events,” evacuation from Russia may be difficult or even impossible due to the lack of air traffic.

AT Bulgaria they were also worried about the mobilization announced by Putin and called on their compatriots to “consider the possibility of leaving as soon as possible”, explaining this by “the complicated situation”. Those who remain were advised to “be extra vigilant, avoid crowded places and closely monitor the development of the situation.”

MFA Estonia asked his citizens to leave Russia. For Estonians who are still on its territory, Tallinn recommended “to weigh the importance of your stay in this country” and, if possible, return to their homeland. In addition, the authorities of the republic urged their citizens to completely refuse to travel to the regions bordering Ukraine.

In addition to European countries, similar calls were made by USA, Canada and Taiwan. At the American embassy warnedwhat compatriots with a Russian passport can be drafted into the Russian army on mobilization.

MFA Canada called on its hockey players, who play in Russian and Belarusian clubs of the Continental Hockey League, to leave the territory of these countries or to publicly explain why they decided to stay.

The Taiwanese authorities also fear that natives of the island who have Russian passports may be subject to mobilization. Taiwanese with dual citizenship should leave the Russian Federation, the country’s Foreign Ministry said.

Statement on Russian mobilization released and the Moldovan embassy. They have not yet called for leaving the country, but warned fellow citizens about criminal liability for participation in hostilities on the territory of other states.

Finland is also concerned about the situation in Russia, whose authorities declared about the intention to build a fence on the border in case the Kremlin forbids leaving the country and unrest breaks out.

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