Russian border guards forbade crossing the border with Georgia on foot

Russian border guards forbade crossing the border with Georgia on foot

Russia closed the Upper Lars checkpoint on the border with Georgia for pedestrians. Now the border can only be crossed by transport.

Earlier, the authorities of North Ossetia allowed a pedestrian crossing due to an “extremely tense situation” – about 5,000 cars accumulated in a traffic jam, and people waited for their turn for days with little or no food and water. Some even sold cars for next to nothing, eyewitnesses said.

The base informedthat now they are not allowed to cross the border not only on foot, but also on bicycles and scooters. However, the press service of the border department of the FSB for North Ossetia denied this, writes RBC.

On the eve of the FSB covered a gang of policemen and taxi drivers who took money for leaving Russia through “Upper Lars”. Eyewitnesses claimed that those eager to cash in demanded for the way to the checkpoint without a queue for 25 thousand per car. As a result, operatives detained about a dozen people, five of whom accused in receiving a bribe of 5-10 thousand rubles.

Po data Interfax on the morning of September 29, 320 trucks and about 3,000 cars are in line for Upper Lars.

On September 27, a mobile military enlistment office was deployed on the border with Georgia. Even earlier, the FSB drove an armored personnel carrier with the military there in case of an attempt to break through the border.

On September 28, the authorities of North Ossetia, where Upper Lars is located, banned the entry of cars from other regions of Russia as part of a “high alert regime”. The restrictions do not apply only to citizens of Georgia, residents of North and South Ossetia, as well as those who travel to sanatoriums, boarding houses, rest houses and camp sites in the republic if they have the necessary documents.

In turn, the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Georgia promised not to close the border with Russia, saying that it sees no reason for such measures. By data departments, from September 17 to September 26, 78 thousand citizens of the Russian Federation entered the country.

Huge queues of Russians at the borders with Georgia, Kazakhstan, Finland and Mongolia formed after Russian President Vladimir Putin announced mobilization on September 21. People are fleeing the country, fearing being sent to war with Ukraine. Only according to official data, about 200 thousand people left Russia in a week.

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