Russia to start supplying Taliban with oil products, gas and grain

Russia to start supplying Taliban with oil products, gas and grain

Russia has concluded a preliminary agreement with the Taliban terrorist organization on the supply of gasoline, diesel fuel, gas and wheat to Afghanistan, writes Reuters with reference to i. about. Minister of Trade and Industry of the country Haji Nuriddin Azizi.

Afghanistan is working to “diversify” its trading partners, he said. Russia offered the Taliban a discount, which made its products for Afghanistan cheaper than other suppliers. Moscow pledged to supply about 1 million tons of gasoline and 1 million tons of diesel fuel, as well as 500 thousand tons of liquefied petroleum gas and 2 million tons of wheat.

Thus, Russia not only gave a discount, but also became the first country to make an international deal with the Taliban after they came to power in Afghanistan. No country in the world, including Russia, recognizes the Taliban as a legitimate authority. However, Moscow, unlike others, recognized the leaders of the movement and allowed the opening of an embassy in Russia.

Western countries are demanding that the group’s representatives prove that they are no longer associated with terrorist paramilitary groups, and also change their human rights policies.

An agreement with Russia will help ease the international isolation of Afghanistan under the leadership of representatives of a terrorist organization. At the same time, both Russia and Afghanistan have been effectively cut off from the global banking system and will have to establish internal settlements.

Officially, the parties do not disclose information about prices and methods of payment. However, it is known that the Afghan delegation headed by Azizi has been negotiating in Moscow since the end of August and offered Russia barter. “Now we can provide Russia with some of our minerals in exchange for imports, including for food and energy resources. In addition, we have, for example, dried fruits, raisins and medicinal herbs. <...> Prices for medicinal herbs are now very high, and Russia needs such raw materials for medicine, ”- spoke Azizi during the first days of his visit to Moscow.

The Criminal Code of the Russian Federation, in particular Article 205.1, provides for punishment up to life imprisonment for financing terrorism. The Taliban and its representatives in the Russian Federation are officially recognized as terrorists. Trading with them can be considered as financing of terrorism.

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